HR Vlog - Employment Tribunals What You Need To Know

The word “Tribunal” is bandied around fairly commonly in the workplace, but what do they actually involve and how likely are you to ever have to attend one?

A guide to navigating tough situations for PMs

A positive mindset does not mean trying to stay positive every second of every day, or that optimism is warranted in every situation.

A Salaried GP is Called for Jury Service: What Comes Next?

A salaried GP reveals that she has been called for jury service, but the dates clash with the weeks that your senior, full-time partner is on leave... So what is your next step?

What Makes a Great Team in General Practice?

Every practice manager knows that behind an effective GP practice is a brilliant team. So what can we do to ensure our staff are working together productively to drive the practice forward?

How to Deal with Burnout: Signs and Prevention

As managers and employers, it is important to provide support and guidance to staff when they need it. The nature of working in general practice can be very demanding and as a result, healthcare professionals can find themselves trapped in stressful situations.
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How Do You Conduct A Pay Review In Primary Care?

At the start of a new financial year many practices are reviewing their pay structures and asking some familiar questions. Can salaries be increased to retain key staff? Will the budget stretch to giving all employees the same pay rise - or will tough decisions need to be made?
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How Being Social Media Savvy Can Benefit Your GP Practice

Social media is a great platform for GP practices to stay in contact with patients, invite feedback and connect with the local community. Here are FPM's top tips for getting involved and making the most of your social media presence.
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Stretching your salary: Tips for you and your staff

In the current climate of financial uncertainty, it’s increasingly necessary to tighten belts and do more with less. Here are a few simple tips and tricks to help us make the most of our cash.
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HR Case File: When Should I Extend a Probation Period?

You’re not completely happy with the performance of a new employee whose probation period ends soon - what’s the best approach to take? No one said dealing with HR issues would be easy…