How to Ensure Effective Employee Appraisals in your GP Practice

Practice managers never have enough time to do what they want and need to do fully. As with anything, when things get tough, something has to give. But you need to make sure that your employee’s appraisal is not the task that gets put to the bottom of the pile.
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How Do You Conduct A Pay Review In Primary Care?

At the start of a new financial year many practices are reviewing their pay structures and asking some familiar questions. Can salaries be increased to retain key staff? Will the budget stretch to giving all employees the same pay rise - or will tough decisions need to be made?
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HR Case File: When Should I Extend a Probation Period?

You’re not completely happy with the performance of a new employee whose probation period ends soon - what’s the best approach to take? No one said dealing with HR issues would be easy…

Practice Managers Share Their Weirdest HR Cases

Managing staff can be both rewarding and painful. Sometimes it can be downright strange! We asked some of our members to tell us about the strangest HR incidents they’ve had to deal with and got some very interesting responses. Here are some of our favourites!