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Everything You Need to Know about Probationary Periods

With so many new appointments now being subject to the completion of a probationary period and so many questions coming into the FPM advice line asking how to safely dismiss someone on a probationary period, we felt that some guidance would be helpful...
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HR Helpline Queries – Part 1: Giving References

FPM HR expert Ciara Burns looks at the subject of giving employee references, and advises what the best approach is when providing references, how you can avoid potential risks and claims, and what we can learn from previous caselaw.
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Recruiting Overseas Nurses And The 'Repayment Clause'

With a national staff shortage of nurses in the NHS and private sector, UK employers are relying heavily on the international workforce to bridge the gap through recruitment. Tens of thousands of international nurses arrive in the UK each year, but at what cost for GP Practices?

Effectively Supporting Practice Staff with Learning Disabilities

FPM takes a look at why you should consider employing an individual with learning disabilities and what support mechanisms are available for GP practices in the UK.

Making the Most of What You’ve Got: Secrets of Successful Talent Management

In a small, lean organisation like a GP practice, maximising the potential of every staff member is crucial. Here we look at how to spot, recruit, and develop talent, and how to use the Maximising Potential Conversation Tool.
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HR Case File: When Should I Extend a Probation Period?

You’re not completely happy with the performance of a new employee whose probation period ends soon - what’s the best approach to take? No one said dealing with HR issues would be easy…

Managing Reputational Risk During the Recruitment Process

In the first few months of a new year, many people begin looking for a new role and a new challenge. With that in mind, it’s a good time to remind ourselves of the importance of having a fair and professional recruitment process in place.