Carers Leave

Balancing Work and Care: Understanding the UK's Carer's Leave Act 2024

From the 6 April 2024 employees in the UK will have a new statutory right to one week of unpaid leave to care for a dependant with long-term needs. This right allows any employee to take time off to arrange or provide care for a dependant with long-term needs.
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Supporting Transgender Patients in Primary Care

International Transgender Day of Visibility, celebrated on March 31st, is a time to recognise the resilience of transgender and gender-diverse individuals. 
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Menopause in the Workplace

Awareness of the effects of menopause on staff is often poor, leading to problems with staffing and morale. Following a recent government report into managing the menopause in workplaces, we look at what you should know about a condition which affects 51% of the population.

Effectively Supporting Practice Staff with Learning Disabilities

FPM takes a look at why you should consider employing an individual with learning disabilities and what support mechanisms are available for GP practices in the UK.
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Should You Encourage Practice Staff To Share Their Pronouns?

You may have heard recently that the NHS is encouraging employees to put their pronouns in their email signatures, as well as creating “pronoun badges” for employees to wear, to share their pronouns with their colleagues and patients. But why are pronouns so important, especially in the NHS, and which pronouns should you be aware of?
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HR case file: Managing conflicts involving personal beliefs

Here at FPM, over the years we've received several HR queries concerning staff members’ political and philosophical beliefs. To help, here’s some key information that can help you manage difficult situations such as these proactively.