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Zero Discrimination Day 2024

1st March is Zero Discrimination Day, a day to celebrate the right of everyone to live a full, healthy, and productive life, and be able to live it with dignity.
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Dismissing Employees: When is it fair and what are the risks?

One of the questions our HR specialist often receives on the FPM HR Helpline is “Am I OK to dismiss this employee?” It’s not one of the nicer parts of a management position, but it’s a decision which should be made with confidence whilst understanding the risks
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HR case file: Managing conflicts involving personal beliefs

Here at FPM, over the years we've received several HR queries concerning staff members’ political and philosophical beliefs. To help, here’s some key information that can help you manage difficult situations such as these proactively.
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HR Case File: Can I Ask an Employee to Retire?

What happens when you have an employee in their 70s who’s having trouble keeping pace with their colleagues and struggling to adapt to new systems? Is it appropriate to ask them if they are considering retirement? No one said dealing with HR issues would be easy…