Making the Most of What You’ve Got: Secrets of Successful Talent Management

In a small, lean organisation like a GP practice, maximising the potential of every staff member is crucial. Here we look at how to spot, recruit, and develop talent, and how to use the Maximising Potential Conversation Tool.

Room 101 for PMs – Some Popular choices

Remember that hellish world of oppression and misery, where the line between truth and lies was blurred, and terror stalked the land? No, not primary care over the last 12 months—but George Orwell’s seminal book, Nineteen Eighty-Four. Room 101 was the torture chamber in the Ministry of Love where people’s worst fears were kept. Later, the eponymous TV game show would see guests choose their most hated things to put into Room 101.
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How Do You Conduct A Pay Review In Primary Care?

At the start of a new financial year many practices are reviewing their pay structures and asking some familiar questions. Can salaries be increased to retain key staff? Will the budget stretch to giving all employees the same pay rise - or will tough decisions need to be made?