The Art of Leadership in Primary Care: How to Avoid the Top 4 Pitfalls

Leading a team in the demanding environment of primary care is no small feat. While the weight of responsibility can be substantial, the findings of a recent study by the wellbeing app HappierMe offer valuable insights into how managers can thrive, rather than merely survive.

Making the Most of What You’ve Got: Secrets of Successful Talent Management

In a small, lean organisation like a GP practice, maximising the potential of every staff member is crucial. Here we look at how to spot, recruit, and develop talent, and how to use the Maximising Potential Conversation Tool.

How I beat a bully to become a better Practice Manager

A practice manager shares their story of what led them to fall in love with general practice – and how the experience of overcoming the bullying behaviour of a colleague helped them become a better manager.

What Makes a Great Team in General Practice?

Every practice manager knows that behind an effective GP practice is a brilliant team. So what can we do to ensure our staff are working together productively to drive the practice forward?