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Online Abuse Against GP Practice Staff: Practical Ways to Respond

Across the UK, GP practice staff are increasingly facing online abuse, either as part of the business or on a personal level. Here we look at practical steps a practice can take. 

How to Build Resilience

The dictionary definition of "resilient" is “something that is strong and not easily damaged by being hit, stretched, or squeezed”. 

Change Management – Let Mindfulness help you

Many thanks to all the PM’s who have honestly shared how they have been feeling and the way they are having to cope during this time of Covid. The vaccination rollouts have been amazing and having experienced it first-hand I commend you all - well done!

How to Deal with Burnout: Signs and Prevention

As managers and employers, it is important to provide support and guidance to staff when they need it. The nature of working in general practice can be very demanding and as a result, healthcare professionals can find themselves trapped in stressful situations.