Streamline Compliance with FPM’s Online Core Platform

In today's healthcare environment, compliance with regulations and standards is paramount for ensuring the delivery of safe and high-quality patient care. 

For GP practices, Primary Care Networks (PCNs), and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), navigating the complexities of compliance can be a challenging task. 
But with the introduction of the First Practice Management’s FPM Core online platform, healthcare organisations now have access to a powerful tool that streamlines compliance management and ensures inspection readiness.

What is FPM Core?

FPM Core is an advanced compliance management system developed by the UK's leading provider of online services for the health and care sectors. This cloud-based platform consolidates all policies and procedures into one accessible location, making it easier than ever for healthcare organisations to manage compliance effectively. FPM Core seamlessly integrates with partner organisations like Blue Stream Academy, allowing for direct education delivery and confirmation of understanding by linking online training to FPM Core policies.

Why FPM Core for PCNs?

FPM Core is not just a compliance tool; it's a transformative solution tailored to the unique challenges of Primary Care Networks. By simplifying compliance management, the software empowers PCNs to focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional patient care, while ensuring regulatory excellence.
Embrace the future of compliance management with FPM Core and take the first step toward a more efficient, transparent, and compliant Primary Care Network. Discover the possibilities that FPM brings to your PCN and elevate your approach to healthcare compliance.

Key Features:

  • CQC Ready: Pre-loaded with the CQC Framework, FPM Core maps policies directly onto Key Questions and Quality Statements, ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements.
  • Evidence Archive: Attach various forms of evidence directly to the system for easy access during inspections, facilitating a smooth audit process.
  • Update Notifications: Automatically inform staff of policy changes and prompt acknowledgment, ensuring everyone stays informed and up-to-date.
  • Reports: User-friendly dashboards provide insights into policy effectiveness across the organisation, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Simple Workflows: Guided prompts ensure clarity for teams, making it easy to understand and follow compliance procedures.
  • Zero-Paper Status: Demonstrate commitment to sustainability and data security with a paperless approach, reducing administrative burdens.
  • Multiple Frameworks: Access various compliance frameworks, including Health and Safety, Employment Law, GDPR and more, catering to diverse organisational needs.

How FPM Core Benefits Your Organisation:

  • Compliance Management: Align policies and evidence with CQC regulations, risks, and controls, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements.
  • Document Management: Streamline policy communication and assign responsibility to subject matter experts, improving efficiency and accountability.
  • Document Updates: Efficiently track regulatory changes and involve teams throughout the update process, ensuring compliance with the latest standards.
  • Real-Time Visibility: Organisations gain real-time visibility into their compliance status, covering areas from HR to Health & Safety and Governance. Automated reminders, comprehensive audit trails, and instant reports ensure that your organisation remains not only compliant but always inspection ready.

Learn More and Schedule a Demo!

Visit our new website to learn more about how FPM Core can transform your organisation's compliance standards. If you're curious to see the platform in action, we're happy to run you through a short demo in the coming weeks.

Contact us today to discover how FPM Core can elevate your organisation's compliance practices and streamline your path to regulatory compliance.

Created by Peter Hobden
Peter Hobden
As Partnerships Development Manager at FPM, Peter leverages his expertise in SaaS sales to help clients get and stay compliant. With over 7,000 practices using FPM's subscription-based products and services, he manages customer acquisition, upselling, and retention, as well as conducting regular account reviews and negotiations.


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