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Everything You Need to Know about Probationary Periods

With so many new appointments now being subject to the completion of a probationary period and so many questions coming into the FPM advice line asking how to safely dismiss someone on a probationary period, we felt that some guidance would be helpful...

Everything you need to know about Appeal Meetings

Most managers are aware that they need to offer “the right to appeal” following a disciplinary or grievance decision, but do you know why? And what process should you follow?

FPM Group announces Partnership with Blue Stream Academy

First Practice Management - the UK’s leading provider to GP Practice Managers, and Blue Stream Academy Ltd., the UK’s leading provider of online training and digital business solutions to healthcare professionals, are pleased to announce they have entered into a partnership, offering FPM Group and Blue Stream Academy Ltd. services.

Opening on Bank Holidays - HR Advice

Opening on Bank Holidays is always a topic that provokes a lot of questions and confusion, so here FPM explains some of the key principles when it comes to public holidays and staff leave.

All You Need to Know About Working from Home

Home working as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has been a major step-change for those practices that can implement it.

How I beat a bully to become a better Practice Manager

A practice manager shares their story of what led them to fall in love with general practice – and how the experience of overcoming the bullying behaviour of a colleague helped them become a better manager.

The truth behind 7 common HR myths

There are so many aspects to HR that it’s no wonder confusion and misinformation can start to cloud our understanding of the facts. FPM’s HR specialist  has collected seven of the most common HR myths and laid out the facts behind the misconceptions.
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Dismissing Employees: When is it fair and what are the risks?

One of the questions our HR specialist often receives on the FPM HR Helpline is “Am I OK to dismiss this employee?” It’s not one of the nicer parts of a management position, but it’s a decision which should be made with confidence whilst understanding the risks