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CQC Findings Prompting Providers to Improve Policies and Procedures

Findings from the CQC’s 2022/23 State of Care Report — which looks at the state of health care and adult social care in England —highlighted a great deal of excellent care, with staff working hard to do their best in often very difficult circumstances. There were also areas requiring significant improvement, however.
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General Practice Around the World: Part 2 – Funding and Pay

Recently there have been some new studies published which shed light on how General Practice in the UK compares to other countries. In this second part of our report, we crunch the numbers around funding and pay.
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Secret Diary: December News and Views

Looking at what is in the news now concerning the NHS, it is more of the same...
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Transforming PCNs with FPM Core: A Compliance Revolution

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Primary Care Networks (PCNs) play a crucial role in delivering comprehensive and integrated services to communities. As PCNs strive to provide high-quality care, compliance management becomes a cornerstone in maintaining efficiency, transparency, and adherence to regulations. Enter First Practice Management and their market-leading software FPM Core - an innovative solution designed to revolutionise how PCNs navigate the complexities of compliance.
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What Happens When Employees Refuse to Work Christmas Overtime?

Christmas can be a difficult time of year for staffing levels, what with increases in sickness absence, mounds of holiday requests and the odd suspicious absence. All of these factors together can be further compounded by increasing patient demand over the winter months.
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FPM Core: Supporting You in the New CQC Inspection Regime

The CQC's new inspection process for 2023 is based on five key questions to primary care providers: Are they safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led? Here we look at how our market-leading FPM Core software has been updated to help you stay compliance in this new era of CQC inspections.
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Emergency Preparedness for Primary Care

Every year NHS England requires GP Practices to formally confirm that they are prepared to respond to emergencies as an annual assurance process for Emergency Preparedness, Resilience, and Response (EPRR).
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CQC Quality Statements in Focus: Well-Led

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has released new quality statements and evidence categories under its single assessment framework, which will be officially launched later in 2023. Here we explore what the "Well-led" statement means.
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Sept Mindfulness

Between managing staff, dealing with patients, costs, finance pressures and other administrative tasks, it's no wonder that burnout is a common occurrence in our field. The demanding and stressful nature of our profession can contribute to burnout, a chronic form of stress that results from prolonged exposure to job demands that exceed an individual's resources.
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HR Helpline Queries Part 3: Work Social Events

The FPM HR helpline sees hundreds of queries each year from practice manager members, some common and some not so common. In this third part of our new series of articles, our HR expert Ciara Burns looks at work social events.