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Enhancing Change Management in PCNs with FPM Core Compliance Software

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, change is inevitable. Nowhere is this more evident than in Primary Care Networks (PCNs). Managing change within these networks can be challenging, requiring effective communication and streamlined processes. That's where FPM Core can help, as a vital tool for improving change management processes within PCNs.
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GP Contract for 2024/25

NHS England published their letter to all primary care services (28th February) outlining the GP contract arrangements for the upcoming financial year, with changes aimed at improving primary care services, enhancing patient outcomes, and empowering Primary Care Networks (PCNs). We take a look into the key contents of the letter, summarise the important points, and discuss potential implications for ARRS funding, primary care staffing, and general budgets for primary care services in the UK.
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Transforming PCNs with FPM Core: A Compliance Revolution

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Primary Care Networks (PCNs) play a crucial role in delivering comprehensive and integrated services to communities. As PCNs strive to provide high-quality care, compliance management becomes a cornerstone in maintaining efficiency, transparency, and adherence to regulations. Enter First Practice Management and their market-leading software FPM Core - an innovative solution designed to revolutionise how PCNs navigate the complexities of compliance.
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Emergency Preparedness for Primary Care

Every year NHS England requires GP Practices to formally confirm that they are prepared to respond to emergencies as an annual assurance process for Emergency Preparedness, Resilience, and Response (EPRR).
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PCN Communication – the Do’s and Don’ts

Communication in any organisation is probably the most important pillar of how it functions and how effective and sustainable it is. There are two main strands to an organisation’s communication; the way in which people communicate between themselves inside the organisation, and the way they do so with those outside of that group. For an organisation as complex (and as new) as a Primary Care Network (PCN), there needs to be significant investment made in ensuring that PCN communication is the best it can be.