Unlocking Compliance Excellence with FPM Core

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, compliance readiness is non-negotiable. Enter FPM Core, a cutting-edge compliance software designed to transform how health and care organisations manage their policy and procedure libraries.

Developed by FPM Group, the UK's leading provider of online services for the health and care sectors, FPM Core is your all-in-one solution for staying inspection ready. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Seamless Integration for Enhanced Training
    FPM Core takes collaboration to the next level by seamlessly integrating with partner organisations. For instance, practices using Blue Stream Academy can link online training directly to FPM Core policies. This integration not only streamlines education delivery, but also enables team members to confirm their understanding with a digital signature.
  • Empowered Organisations 
    Map your policies and evidence to CQC regulations, risks, and controls effortlessly. FPM Core ensures your policies are meticulously designed to meet CQC standards, providing a solid foundation for regulatory compliance.
  • Easier Document Management
    Effortlessly manage policy communication and creation within your organisation. Delegate responsibility for specific policy areas to subject matter experts, fostering a collaborative and efficient workflow.
  • Timely Document Updates
    Stay ahead of regulatory changes with FPM Core's efficient tracking system. Notify your teams promptly and involve them in every stage of the update process.
  • Continual Staff Learning
    FPM Core offers a centralised system that keeps your teams in the loop with the latest updates. Regular prompts facilitate ongoing learning, reinforcing compliance measures across the organisation.

Key Features

  • CQC-Ready Documents: Pre-loaded with the CQC Framework, FPM Core aligns your policies directly with Key Questions and Quality Statements, simplifying the compliance journey.
  • Evidence Archive for Passing Inspections: Attach multiple forms of evidence directly to the system, ensuring you have concrete proof of procedure adherence at inspection time.
  • Automatic Update Notifications: Automatically notify staff of policy changes and prompt acknowledgment, keeping everyone informed and accountable.
  • Powerful Reports: Simple dashboards and data feeds provide insights into the effectiveness of policies across the organisation. Identify and address areas of improvement with precision.
  • Zero-Paper Status: Embrace sustainability and data security with FPM Core's paperless approach. Demonstrate your commitment to both the environment and secure data practices.

In a world where compliance is paramount, FPM Core stands out as a game-changer, offering a comprehensive suite of features to empower organisations on their journey to excellence. Stay ahead, stay compliant with FPM Core. Click here to book your demo today.


Created by Peter Hobden
Peter Hobden
As Partnerships Development Manager at FPM, Peter leverages his expertise in SaaS sales to help clients get and stay compliant. With over 7,000 practices using FPM's subscription-based products and services, he manages customer acquisition, upselling, and retention, as well as conducting regular account reviews and negotiations.


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