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Juggling so many things these days can sometimes mean tasks become a chore even though they are necessary- like your practice cover. We know that life is still difficult right now with so many demands on your time. That’s why our insurance partners, MIAB want to make the process as hassle-free and painless as possible.

Practice insurance is a necessity, but what many practices don’t realise is that it does need reviewing regularly, rather than just automatically renewing with the same provider. It pays to shop around and ask the right questions.

Don’t risk being inadequately protected.

MIAB has found that many practices are worryingly underinsured, having failed to take account of the addition of new equipment such as extra laptops for homeworkers or changes in the circumstances of partners. Failure to update details of material facts can result in difficulties and delays should a subsequent claim be necessary.

In addition, with many support staff now working from home, you may need to consider the risks around cybersecurity. Click here to see how they can help. 

The statistics speak for themselves

MIAB found that of the 72 reviews they conducted during the last month alone, over 36% of practices were underinsured, nearly 85% of practices had incorrect or missing material facts, and half of those reviewed requested quotes for additional protection, including cyber and locum cover.

Furthermore, many took advantage of the RICs-approved Rebuild Cost Assessment tool available online to check the accuracy of their commercial property rebuild. A wise move given that over 80% of commercial properties are underinsured1.

Under-insurance could leave you out of pocket should a claim fall short or be denied.


Reviews can also highlight what stipulations are in place with your current policy. Many practice policies have endorsements (caveats) that demand certain provisos are met in order to validate the cover, such as maintenance for flat roofs, specific alarms on fridges, etc. If these stipulations are not met, you may find difficulty with future claims.

Check what inner limits you have for vaccines and stock and make sure you highlight your stock levels in your contents declaration - MIAB cover has no inner limit for vaccines and stock, but many policies have a maximum limit of £30k.

Also, does your current policy provide loss recovery assistance and legal helplines?

Strapped for time to sort out your insurance? MIAB can help.

Simply email your current cover schedule across to their experienced and knowledgeable team for a no-obligation quotation. They will review your current cover, look for any gaps and outline the different options for you with an indication of the premium. Then if you want to take out the cover they suggest, it’s simply a matter of a telephone conversation to make it all happen.

MIAB offers a competitive and comprehensive range of policies and their specialist knowledge within the healthcare sector ensures that you find the most appropriate protection and are not paying for unnecessary cover.

Hassle-free help to get great cover.

If you would like to discuss the covers MIAB can provide for you, please contact one of their advisers on 01438 870 726, or visit them online at or email us at

1 Figures according to a survey conducted by in 2019

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