Dental Compliance

Dental Compliance: Mythbusting and the CQC’s 5 Key Questions - SAFE

Did you know that the CQC publish a number of ‘mythbusters’ designed to clarify exactly what they are looking for when they inspect dental practices? They debunk some popular myths, and many of them highlight the importance of compliance with policies, procedures, and training. In this article we look at the ‘safety’ key question.
Cqc Statement

CQC Quality Statements in Focus - 'Safe'

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) released new quality statements and evidence categories under its single assessment framework, which will be officially launched ‘later in 2023’. Here we explore what the 'being safe' statement means.
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CQC Quality Statements – What Are They?

The existing key lines of enquiry (KLOEs) are being replaced with 34 new ‘quality statements’, that will define what is to be expected from a GP Practice. Here we look at what they mean.

Chaperoning In the Age of Digital Consultations

A chaperone is defined by the CQC as “an impartial observer, present during an intimate examination of a patient”. The chaperone plays an important role in protecting both patients and staff during intrusive and invasive examinations. They help to reassure the patient, protect their dignity, offer support and facilitate communication – this may be particularly important if there is a language barrier, for example.

On the Record – the Law and Ethics of Recording Patient Interaction

The issue of patients electronically recording their interactions with GPs and surgery staff is becoming an increasing concern for many who work in primary care. Whether this is done openly or covertly, it raises several issues around data protection and ethics, as well as what is simple good manners.