Labour Wins 2024 General Election

Labour has won the 2024 General Election in a landslide with their best majority since 1997, handing the Conservatives one of the worst results in their history. FPM Looks at their health and care plans.
Secret Diary (1)

Secret Diary - Finances, Flu and the Future

Our anonymous practice manager shares their thoughts on finance, flu and facing a glut of salaried GPs...
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Election 2024: Plans and Pledges of Reform, Green Party, SNP & Plaid Cymru

As the election of 4th July nears, FPM have investigated what Reform UK, Green Party, the SNP and Plaid Cymru are pledging for health and social care in their manifestos. (Article contains link to Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem pledges too at the end)
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What the Big 3 Parties Plan for General Practice and Other Healthcare Services

With only a few weeks to go before Britain goes to the polls in the 2024 General Election, we thought we would explore some of the health pledges made by the main three parties (which were Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats at time of writing!) It’s safe to say that all politicians, whatever their colours, have recognised that health and social care is a key battleground subject – and possibly the deciding factor for many voters. 
Secret Diary

Promises Promises... Secret Diary on the 2024 General Election

We are now well into the election campaign and of course, the NHS is featuring prominently across all the parties. Some of the comments are wide of the truth as we know, and other promises will get watered down and may not happen. I try and avoid politics in these blogs, and I am not going to change this now, in fairness to everyone’s personal views. However...