FPM Recruitment Service Testimonials


Below are comments from just some of the hundreds of practices that have used FPM recruitment services to recruit practice managers, practice business managers, GP partners, salaried GPs and practice staff over the course of the last ten years.

We also regularly receive testimonials from candidates who attend FPM facilitated interviews, many of whom reflect on a positive experience, even if they were not offered the position being recruited to.

  • Testimonials from practices and recruitment project candidates

“We were delighted with the efficient support we received, guiding us through a very thorough recruitment process and ensuring that we stayed on target regarding our timescale for recruitment. Advertising through the FPM network we were pleased with the variety and range of applicants; received good advice and help regarding short listing whilst ultimately the decision was ours. Compared to previous recruitments the whole process was fun”

Dr Georgina Haslam, a 9 partner practice in Bingley

The recruitment service that First Practice Management has provided was first rate. Our contact, Ruth Long, had considerable expertise and experience in the field and consistently provided excellent advice guiding us through the entire process. We would heartily recommend that any practice looking to recruit a practice manager considers using the services of First Practice Management.

Dr Gavin Williams, a GP Partner in a 7 partner practice, Leeds
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Testimonials from practices who have used FPM recruitment services and from candidates who attended FPM recruitment project interviews


This is to confirm how pleased we were with the services your First Practice Management offered us recently with our recruitment process for a Practice Manager. It made the process much easier with you pre- screening the applicants and the very helpful ranking system that you use. The interview process was much more meaningful than something we could have come up with ourselves and I think we managed to secure an excellent candidate because of that. I would be happy to recommend your services to any other practices that are thinking about undergoing a recruitment process.

Dr. Aileen Robertson

After a shock departure of our old practice manager and his assistant within 2 weeks of each other we were in need of a steady hand to help steer our ship with CQC inspection looming. Thankfully First Practice Management were invaluable in the recruitment process and took a lot of the hassle away from us at an already turbulent time. Our new practice manager found the introduction day very helpful in addition and the information on the website was also extremely useful.

Dr Grainne Breen, GP Partner at Firsway Medical Centre, Sale

“All the Partners were very impressed with the FPM Recruitment experience and send our thanks to you for your help support and guidance throughout the whole process.”

Lynne Dolder, Managing Partner at Cerne Abbas Surgery, a 4 partner GP practice in Dorset

We used FPM to recruit a new PM and were delighted with the seamless process. Ruth Long was allocated to lead us through the whole process from identifying our needs, managing the job spec, advertising and running the whole interview process too. She was always available for advice and pre-empted much of what we needed. Ruth made the whole process fun and enjoyable whilst remaining professional throughout. In fact Ruth was excellent! I would highly recommend using this service.

Dr James Norcross, GP Principal at Ansdell Medical Centre NHS

The recruitment service that First Practice Management has provided was first rate. Our contact, Ruth Long, had considerable expertise and experience in the field and consistently provided excellent advice guiding us through the entire process. We would heartily recommend that any practice looking to recruit a practice manager considers using the services of First Practice Management.

Dr Gavin Williams, a GP Partner in a 7 partner practice, Leeds

"A fabulous, tailored, bespoke service which was extremely professional and superbly organised. We'd have no hesitation in fully recommending this service. Thanks again."

Dr Aneel Bilkhu, Torkard Hill Medical Centre

FPM was my first port of call for advice regarding the recruitment of a new practise manager. From the onset the process was efficient and calmly orchestrated, resulting in 2 very well planned shortlist selection days. The documentation and support was exemplary and is quite unique. We are delighted with and would highly recommend the service you offer

Heather Cook, practice manager in a 8 partner practice in Knottingley, West Yorkshire

We couldn’t recommend first practice management highly enough. It is very difficult to organise recruiting a new manager, especially if one is not already in post. It is one of the most important decisions a practice can take, and merits time, consideration and investment. First Practice Management took the time to meet with us, establish our needs and team dynamics, and organise the entire recruitment process including advertising, interviewing, and recruiting. The interviews were extremely well structured and organised, far better than we could ever have managed on our own, and by the end of the process, we had appointed by unanimous agreement, a practice manager of the highest calibre. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that without using first practice management, we would not have achieved the appointment we made. I would add that what would otherwise have been a stressful, rushed and difficult process was made enjoyable, rewarding and painless. We think the recruitment service offers real value for money, and would certainly use First Practice Management again

Dr Robert Hillman, a 6 partner practice in Kilbirnie, Scotland

First Practice Management have real expertise in understanding the needs of practices and how to work with GPs. They made the recruitment of our new manager an efficient, effective and successful process, where we could focus on what was important to us whilst they did the "leg work." I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any practice looking to recruit a manager.

Dr Helen Alpin, a 7 partner practice in Leeds

"As three partners in a smaller rural practice we debated the wisdom of incurring the cost of the FPM recruitment service, but now have no regrets that we decided to go ahead. We realise also that the cost compared with other commercial services is very reasonable and they are much more focussed on our need than other recruitment organisations. The reassurance of the "guarantee" is valuable, but so far so good with the eventually successful candidate! We are not at all sure we would have been able to choose him without the expert assistance of FPM's consultant."

Dr Martin Atkinson, from a 3 partner practice in Yoxall

"I attended the initial assessment for the above position on Friday 11th February and just wanted to feedback, that although I didn’t proceed to an interview the next day, it was still a positive experience. First Practice Management and all the partners at the practice were very professional but friendly and kept the whole afternoon very informal and relaxed. If a pre-interview can possibly be classed as ‘good’ this was the best one I’d been to. Please thank First Practice Management on my behalf."

Candidate feedback

"Our practice manager retired after being with us for 20 years and the thought of replacing her was rather daunting. Over the years we have replaced clinicians with some success but choosing a new practice manager is a different matter altogether. I came across FPM when researching recruitment and spoke to some of the GPs who had used then before. On the basis of these discussions we decided to use FPM. From the first meeting with First Practice Management - the process ran very smoothly. The amount of time saved by enlisting the services of FPM means that their fee is money well spent."

Dr Tim Wallam, from a 6 partner practice in York

I can strongly recommend FPM’s recruitment process to anyone. The process is thorough and well structure and saved us hours of time in establishing our short-list of candidates. In addition the experience Ruth brings to the process she also provides considerable reassurance with selections. The final interview process was remarkably useful it allowed us to see the candidates in a variety of situations and choose a final pair of candidates for interview. I would not consider recruiting to a significant post in our organisation without using FPM.

Dr Christopher Peterson, a 5 partner practice in Liverpool

“The service First Practice Management (FPM) have given this practice has been excellent. Thanks for your helpful, professional and approachable service. We have a good feeling that we have an excellent person in post and I am very optimistic for the future of the practice."

Dr Richard Sewell, a 10 partner practice in Carnforth, Lancashire

“From the first telephone contact we were impressed with the efficiency and friendliness of the service. The whole process was managed efficiently and professionally, keeping us involved through every step. We felt that advice and guidance was given when needed, but we retained complete control of the process regarding choice of candidates to interview and shortlist, choice of interview questions, and ultimately our choice of who to appoint. We would not hesitate to recommend FPM.”

Dr Jan Jones, a 3 partner practice in Burton on Trent

"In these days of more involved practice management the practice manager needs skills and qualifications unfamiliar to GPs, while retaining the personnel and communication skills we are more familiar with. Throughout the whole process FPM listened to what we wanted, guided us through the advertising, short listing and interview process with skill and efficiency so that we only had to think about the candidates, not the process.”

Dr Shirely Tinnion, a 7 partner practice - Meadowcroft Surgery

“The interview process was well organised and the whole two days ran like clockwork. I would strongly recommend Ruth and FPM to other practices needing help with recruiting for a new practice manager.”

Dr Daniel Wardleworth, a five partner practice in Haworth, West Yorkshire

“We have been highly impressed with the well structured, far reaching and sophisticated recruitment process that First Practice Management afforded us. It allowed us to recruit a more rounded and high calibre candidate than we otherwise would have procured. The process itself was seamless with FPM doing the vast majority of the high level of organisation involved, and the interview process itself was orchestrated like a well run military campaign. We highly recommend this process and will use FPM again”

Dr Irvine, a three partner practice in Portsmouth

"We are very happy to recommend FPM recruitment service. Our practice manager had served with us for 22 years so we were not at all familiar with what we needed to do. Our regional representative Mike brought wisdom and efficiency to the process. From positioning the job in the market to meet our needs and aspirations, to sifting the applications and then to managing the staged interviews we felt reassured we were being well looked after. We feel we have ended up with an excellent appointment who we would have missed had we managed the process ourselves."

Dr Andrew Potter, a 3 partner practice in Plymouth

"Thank you First Practice Management for facilitating the appointment of our new practice manager. In today's climate we found this a daunting task but felt guided and supported at all stages by your representative. Your approach was well thought out and highly professional. During the advertising process you were patient and flexible. You attracted 44 applicants but more importantly 22 good ones!! On the interview days your presence was invaluable, dealing with all the administrative tasks and allowing us all to concentrate on the matter in hand. I would thoroughly recommend your services, a very enjoyable and productive experience!!"

Dr Sally Hunt, a 9 partner practice in Barnstaple

"I would just like to say a formal thank you for all your help in the recent recruitment process to appoint a practice manager. Your help has been invaluable and your advice always sound. All partners and staff have commented on their satisfaction with the whole process, as did the candidates during the interviews. I would have no hesitation in recommending any practice to ask for your assistance to recruit. Thank you again"

Dr Arthur Mone, a 6 partner practice in Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire

“Recruiting a practice manager for our 20,000 patient practice over the Christmas period was a daunting prospect. FPM delivered a professional, efficient and comprehensive service with minimum disruption to practice functioning. I would strongly recommend their services to other practices recruiting in key management positions.“

Dr Peter Sweeney, a 4 partner practice in Hertfordshire

"First Practice Management provided us with a professional and efficient service leading to the successful appointment of a new practice manager. We would certainly have no hesitation in recommending them to others."

Dr Linden Ruckert a four partner practice in Islington

“I second the views on the process. It went extremely well and was enjoyable – I didn’t think that would ever be the case!!”

Dr Andrew Jackson, a 9 partner practice in Bingley

“We had an unexpected vacancy at a time when the partners were under considerable pressure. FPM made it all so easy for us as partners and made the process very professional for the candidates enhancing our reputation. Money very well spent and the guarantee is a bonus.”

Dr Peter Holden, from a 4 partner practice in Matlock

“FPM have provided us with an excellent service. It has been effortless for the practice and all the hard work was taken away from the process. The selection and interview stages were handled by the team so we could fully concentrate on the task in hand. I would like to thank FPM for providing a first rate service.”

Dr David Wrigley, a ten partner practice in Carnforth, Lancashire

“We found FPM and our adviser Doh very helpful. They were quick, responsive, competent, and the management of the interviews and the insights required to make a clear decision were absolutely first class. Not only have we picked a strong practice manager, we are also clear about her strengths and potential weaknesses. We used FPM for our practice manager recruitment 8 years ago, have used them this year and would certainly use them again in the future”

Dr Nic Rushman, A three partner practice in Leicester

“On behalf of Horton Bank Practice, I can recommend First Practice Management to practices who require assistance with recruitment. Ruth and the team helped to make an important and potentially stressful process, productive and actually quite enjoyable. The recruitment was handled in a timely way, with the right amount of relevant information. Ruth was professional, personable, and gave experienced advice when needed. Thank you very much”

Rebecca Cairns on behalf of Horton Bank Practice, a 4 partner practice in Bradford

“Who would have thought that making such a crucial appointment as a Practice Manager, could not only be so easy, but actually a thoroughly enjoyable process? Our First Practice Management Consultant ensured we were organised and ‘targeted’ in our advertisement, guided us through the short-listing process, winkling the relevant bits out of the application letters and CV’s and finally facilitated the two-stage interview process, making it as easy as possible. I am sure that we would not have felt as confident in the quality or our final choice, without the help we received. I would regard the cost as money extremely well-spent.“

Dr Mark Richards, a 4 partner practice, Birkenhead

"As a GP using FPM for the first time, I have been very impressed with the efficient and supportive process of recruiting our new practice manager. At a stressful time for the practice we needed the administrative headache taking away and the reassurance of knowing we would get a high calibre business minded person for the job. Both of these happened. Aftercare is ongoing to both the new manager and to ourselves, and we also get free access to the FPM website for a year, which I have already used and found information which was not available elsewhere. Our new practice manager has now been with us for 2 months and is a star. In case you are wondering if it is worth the added expense of recruiting in this way - it is!"

A GP from a five-partner practice in Leeds

"We would like to thank FPM and Mike Davies for turning our search for a new practice manager from a major stress into a smoothly run, professional and dare I say, even enjoyable process. Despite being the middle of the holiday season our tight schedule was accomplished with none of the stress and angst expected. The interview process was exacting, insightful and inclusive and we feel we have reached a good decision via the best route possible. Thanks for your help."

Dr Alasdair Jacks, from a six-partner practice in Chepstow, Monmouthshire

"I was recently recruited for a position of Practice Manager via a process designed and managed by First Practice Management Limited. The pathway taken was found to be thorough, intense and challenging. However, I found the experience to be delivered smoothly in a very professional manner by a very approachable FPM team. The information supplied in the initial role specification was an accurate reflection of the 'live' issues that needed to be managed within the Practice. I would commend FPM for their commitment to their customer service both from a prospective candidate and employer basis."

Carey Dowson, Practice Manager, Bingley

“This was our first experience of a recruitment agency and although the process was challenging FPM provided the framework and discipline required to achieve the successful recruitment of a new practice manager."

Dr Roger Burton, from a five partner practice in Uttoxeter

“When we learned of the pending retirement of our practice manager, we were initially horrified by the thought of the work involved in recruiting an individual with the necessary skills and personality to fill such an important role. That this came during such a time of change in the NHS and consequent huge demands on all GPs time, only made this job even more onerous. If was, therefore, with a huge amount of relief that we heard about the FPM recruitment service and were able to discuss the process with Donna and then Ruth that same day. Immediately it was like a weight had been lifted off our shoulders, as we were guided through every step of the process. We received some very high quality applications and were able to shortlist with the assistance of a helpful scoring matrix. The two half days interview process was intense (for everyone involved!) but enjoyable and informative. By the end we felt that we had a real insight into the personalities of the candidates and were able to select the person that, we believed would best fit our practice and our requirements. We felt that this process was good value for money and we would not hesitate to recommend FPM recruitment to other practices”

Dr Anna Ferguson, from a four partner practice in Bootle

“The process of recruiting our new practice manager initially seemed daunting. How would we find the time with our packed working schedules to ensure that we recruited that special person we knew we needed to manage our practice? We had discussions as to the financial wisdom of using a recruitment agency, but after our first meeting with our FPM consultant these were soon forgotten. We were incredibly impressed with the personal service offered. Our numerous requirements were listened to attentively and prioritised and without delay the search for our new manager began. Before long we had a large list of high calibre candidates to choose from. The consultant was intuitive but professional and ensured that nothing was overlooked as she used her expertise to guide us through the process. The interview stage was extensive but actually incredibly enjoyable. By the end we were left in no doubt that thanks to the services of FPM we had found the right person to lead us through challenging times ahead.”

Dr Tania Cobb, an 8 partner GP practice in Harpenden, Hertfordshire

“The process of recruiting a new practice manager is a daunting one, with many potential pitfalls. After using FPM to help us with this process, we are unanimously of the opinion that their professional and highly knowledgeable approach was key to the successful outcome that was achieved. From beginning to end, we felt that we were in safe hands, with information being provided in a timely and efficient manner. We finished with a very good selection of candidates, and learned a great deal about them during the process - more than we would have done had we used our 'traditional' approach to recruiting new staff. The result is that we have an outstanding new practice manager, and we have no hesitation in recommending FPM for anyone who finds themselves faced with having to recruit a new manager.”

Dr Prit Buttar, from a 5 partner practice in Abingdon

“FPM guided us most professionally and smoothly through the daunting process of recruiting a Business Manager. As busy doctors, they did all the background work saving us valuable time and stress. We had a high calibre of applicants and with excellent support throughout the two day interview process, we are confident we have recruited the best person for our Practice. We are delighted we used FPM who guided us expertly throughout the whole process. Thank you once again.”

Dr Vina Patel, from a 7 partner practice in Wolverhampton

“We are a busy ten thousand patient practice in the heart of Tower Hamlets, operating from two sites. When we unexpectedly lost our Practice Manager we considered different avenues to appoint a new one. First Practice Management stood out amongst competition because of their awareness of General Practice issues as well as for their cost effectiveness. They do take responsibility for most of the process that has been praised by both potential employers and candidates. One of the highlights was how their appointed consultant, after ‘doing his homework’ and gathering information about the practice and visiting our sites, listened very carefully to what the partners wanted. As a result we got excellent candidates who, thanks to a thorough but seamless process, led to the choice of not only the best but the most suitable candidate for our practice.”

Dr Ricardo Cabot, a five partner practice in East London

“We were delighted with the process FPM organised to appoint our new practice manager. Communication and organisation were exemplary, and the doctors and administrators felt supported and confident from start to finish. We would have no hesitation in coming back to FPM for future appointments- some positions are just too key to leave to a chat and a coffee and we are confident that Ruth and her team at FPM would deliver exactly what the practice needs in these changing times. Many thanks for your pleasant and professional input and we hope to work with you again.”

Dr Mark Brennan, a two partner practice in Wilmslow

"I had felt pretty pessimistic about appointing our PM’s successor before she left, but thanks to FPM’s help, the transition looks like being about a smooth as it can be. The interview process was very interesting and undoubtedly it was helpful to us. It helped us sift applicants out and allowed the key characteristics of the candidates to be identified.”

Dr Mike Ellis, a four partner practice in Cheltenham

"We found the whole experience of dealing with First Practice Management a pleasurable, reassuring and professional one. We were replacing a long serving PM due to retire who has been at the practice for longer than most of the partners! From first contact Ruth was efficient, approachable, informative and accurate. She communicated with us promptly following any queries, however small, and gave us a clear plan of the process from; forming a practice profile, identifying the type of PM strengths we needed, giving a timetable for advertising and shortlisting and then the interviews themselves. We particularly valued input in shortlisting suitable candidates and in having a fair and rigorous structure for assessing at interview. Many hours of partner time was saved by FPM input and we benefited from being able to determine 'usual practice' on many occasions. Ruth helped a somewhat daunting but crucial process become enjoyable!"

Honor Condliffe, from a four partner practice in Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak

“We did want to thank you for all your help - you were very professional and made the whole process very smooth - we felt in very safe hands - we look forward to your ongoing support. Thanks again.”

Dr Simon Cocksedge, from a four partner practice in Chapel-en-le-Frith, High Peak

“We recently used first practice management to help us recruit a new practice manager and we found the whole process to be very efficient and well run. FPM provided excellent support right throughout. The recruitment and selection of applicants was excellent and the interviews were actually enjoyable! We feel sure we have selected the right person to help us move forwards and I would recommend this service to other practices thinking about recruiting a practice manager. Many thanks for your help.”

Dr Jim Cuthbert, from a four partner practice in Liverpool

"I recently applied for a Practice Manager's position I saw advertised on the FPM website, with FPM facilitating the whole of the recruitment process. As a candidate I felt the process from start to finish was very well managed. I was fortunate to be short listed for interview and was greeted by FPM staff on arrival. The interview process was to be over two days which highlighted the forward planning that went into making it a positive experience for all involved."

Candidate feedback from a role in an eight partner practice in Belper

"We were delighted with the practice manager recruitment service that we received from the team at First Practice Management. They guided us through a potentially stressful process and saved valuable time for us that we needed for clinical work. We have appointed an excellent candidate and would recommend the service wholeheartedly to other practices."

Dr Ian Colvin, a four partner practice in Islington

“We have been guided most professionally through the minefield of appointing a new practice manager and were fortunate to get a large number of applicants. The interviews were fun and revealing and I would recommend the services of First Practice Management whole heartedly.”

Dr Jennifer Newell, a 6 partner practice in Cambridge

"We were very happy with the service we had from FPM, FPM was excellent and we felt fully supported throughout the whole process. We are so glad that we decided to use FPM - it made the whole process of choosing a practice manager much less difficult than we had first thought it would be!"

Dr Alison Ritchie, a 6 partner practice in Potters Bar

"On behalf of the partners I would like to thank First Practice Management for a stress free and enjoyable recruitment process. The support was most professional and our hands were held all the way! Having recruited myself for many years I was most impressed by the quality and content of the full process and believe this was money well spent and I would not hesitate in recommending FPM to others."

Janet McNiffe, Practice Manager, a 6 partner practice in Baildon

“The brief was to help the partners to select a high calibre business manager with the ability to take over the process of moving to new premises with another practice, and maximising opportunities for the practice. FPM were asked to do this within a limited time frame of two months from our initial approach to appointment. The process has taken a great deal of administrative hassle out of the process for us, particularly the development of a person profile for our needs, the interview process and related paperwork. We only really needed to set an interview date! Our recruitment manager's views on the applicants closely matched ours and we could easily have handed over the entire time-consuming process of short listing the candidates to him, without any concerns. We are very glad to have used them.”

Dr Ahmed, a 6 partner practice Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

"This is the second time I have used FPM for recruiting a business development manager. I would highly recommend their service. The level of advice and support offered is excellent and the interview process itself is intensive but very enjoyable and rewarding."

Dr Kate Simpson, from a 6 partner practice in Halifax

"We recently commissioned FPM to help see our team through the appointment of our new practice manager and we are so glad we did. FPM enabled us to attract high quality candidates and oversaw a stimulating and indeed enjoyable interview process. In particular Ruth Long guided us expertly and left us all sure we'd appointed just the right person for our practice. Thanks again to all the FPM team."

Dr Stephen Lynch, from a 6 partner practice in Preesall, Poulton-Le-Fylde

"We used FPM for both a consultation process and to recruit a new practice manager. They were professional and efficient in their approach, resulting in a very successful outcome. Many thanks."

Dr Jeremy Hill, from a 6 partner practice in Hucknall

"I would like to thank all at FPM on behalf of Library House Surgery following the recruitment of our new practice business manager. We had taken some time to try and identify how best our practice could be moved forwards and this was greatly helped by FPM providing an initial assessment of the practice as a whole. Although this is not part of the usual package offered, it helped us to identify our strengths and some of our weaker areas which would need to be addressed by our newly appointed manager. The support from all staff at FPM was first class and we felt that this went beyond simply being a recruitment process alone. The two half day recruitment process was extremely well organised and was enjoyed by GPs and candidates alike. The quality of the candidates was very high and we had a difficult decision to make at the end of Saturday morning - a difficult but welcome position for us to be in. Our deputy management team has found the FPM website to be full of very useful information too and well worth the subscription fee. I would recommend First Practice Management without hesitation. All in all, a potentially very stressful process was made seamless and highly enjoyable and we are confident that our new manager is the right person for the job. Thanks again and well done!"

Dr. Kevin Tipper, from a 9 partner practice, Chorley

"We would like to thank FPM for their expert help in our recruitment of a new practice manager. We recognised that this post is key to the future of our practice and that outside facilitation would greatly assist us in finding the right person for the job. We had received recommendations for the FPM recruitment service and on investigating it further, it was clear that it provided the level of assistance we required. Throughout the process we found our management consultant extremely insightful, he listened to our requirements and clearly guided us through the process. He relieved us of a lot of the administrative burden of the appointment process, leaving us free to concentrate on the assessment of the candidates. We found the whole process well organised and carefully thought out, but sufficiently flexible to allow us to adapt it to our own requirements. We are extremely pleased with the outcome and would recommend First Practice Management to other practices."

Dr Andrew Appleton, from an 8 partner practice, Bristol

"I just wanted to express our pleasure at the way the interview process was conducted. We felt that both days ran very smoothly and we certainly achieved a better understanding of each applicant than we would have done if we had conducted the interviews and assessment process without FPM."

Dr Paul Scullard, from a 6 partner practice in Nottingham

"I'd like to feedback on the recruitment process I have just experienced through first practice management. Having been successful in my application, being invited to interview, I was very pleased to find that I was provided with clear detailed instructions and agenda for the day. The dates for the interview and second interview had been made available on application, so no surprises that I had to be available the next day if successful. The process for the day was to be; a 30 minute sandwich lunch, with the opportunity to talk informally to the partners and some staff. The more formal part of the session began with introductions and an open question and answer session; This was followed by a group task where all eight candidates worked as a team; all followed by individual interviews where each candidate met members of the practice for 15 minutes on a rota basis (3 different interviews). Having worked for large blue chip organisations participating as both a candidate and assessor, I must say that the whole process was very well organised and structured, all candidates were made to feel relaxed by both FPM and the partners, who were very new to selecting a senior manager. The agenda for the day allowed all candidates to feel that they could perform to their best, without feeling that this was a competitive environment. The second interview session prep work and process was again well organised with all activities and questions very relevant to the role, which is not always the case. I'd like to thank FPM for facilitating a process, which in the current jobs market was kept very appropriate to the role without any additional stress."

Candidate feedback

"Thank you again for all your support. I really enjoyed working with First Practice Management. You always seemed to know exactly the right thing to do which was a great comfort to us, being rather new to the process ourselves! I found the whole process interesting and enjoyable."

Dr Helen Hall, from a 5 partner practice in Alderley Edge

"Overall using FPM made a stressful process much easier. The support offered by First Practice Management extended beyond the recruitment process itself and has been extremely valuable. The candidates proposed came from a wide range of backgrounds, and the expertise offered to aid us in assessing their suitability for the role was highly valued. Thank you for your support, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you."

Dr Sarah Philips, from a 5 partner practice in Canterbury

"For reasons beyond our control (and FPM's) we have needed to use their recruitment service twice in the last three years. On both occasions the service was efficient and thorough. Our coordinator was a calming and experienced presence, and both he and FPM steered us through the process with great skill. We found the collation and assessment of what turned out to be a very large number of applicants to be particularly useful, and the interview process itself was handled admirably. I would have no hesitation in recommending FPM to colleagues"

Dr Tim Ward, from an 8 partner practice in Taunton

"I just wanted to say a huge "Thank You" to First Practice Management on behalf of the Partners from Littlewick. I think we would have been somewhat less aware (to say the least) of all the processes you helped us through in helping us find the right candidate. Naturally in the beginning we were nervous due to the uncertainty surrounding recruitment of a right candidate, but as the CVs started to pour in after the advertisement, the shortlisting, practice visits by the candidates, first day/second day interview processes, the uncertain element was quickly glazed with excitement and prospect of a positive change for the team. We feel the successful candidate will help us in making the right decisions/choices to lead Littlewick in rising to the challenges in the shape of things to come in the Primary care sector and steer the ship calmly no matter how choppy the waters become!!!!. We have all learned a lot from you! We couldn't have done it without you and hope to keep in touch with you in the future."

Dr Naveed Abbasi, from an 11 partner practice in Ilkeston

"Everything went very smoothly and the selection process was excellent and I think we got the best candidate available - let us hope that we still think that in 12m time - but overall cannot fault the service and would use FPM again but hopefully not for a practice manager for at least a good few years."

Dr Paul Ayton, from an 8 partner practice in Kettering

"We have just recruited a new practice manager through FPM. The whole process was a pleasure rather than a chore. The package FPM offer is very well thought out and a very complete service. Working with the recruitment consultant was fun and she anticipated every need wonderfully. She was very quick to understand the partnership dynamics and facilitated the whole process smoothly. I would wholeheartedly recommend FPM to any practice needing to recruit. We even enjoyed it the second time around after we failed to recruit the first time!"

Dr Caroline Taylor, from a 3 partner practice in Halifax

"I would thoroughly recommend the First Practice Management recruitment service. From start to finish First Practice Management have been very professional and we felt we were in competent hands. We had a large number of applicants and it was very helpful to have the guidance of the FPM Recruitment Consultant in the shortlisting process. The interview process itself was most enjoyable. The 2 day interview structure allows all the partners the opportunity to get to know the candidates and it was very interesting to see the candidates interact in the group task. The questions the FPM Recruitment Consultant prepared for both days were clearly well considered and really tested the candidates. At the end of the process we felt content that we had seen several very good candidates and have appointed a new practice manager with huge potential. Thank you."

Dr Rob Murray, from a 6 partner practice in Belper