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My Surgery Website (MSW) is the UK's leading GP practice website and intranet provider. We host and maintain over 4,000 websites and intranets for practices, health centres, pharmacists and walk-in centres across the country. My Surgery Website is part of First Practice Management Group.

We will make setting up a website for your practice a quick, simple and painless process. Our experience and commitment to improving online patient services will allow you to benefit from a professional and unmatched service. Some of the key benefits of choosing a MSW website;

  • Easy to update
  • Patient friendly by design
  • Extensive choice of designs
  • Works with all clinical systems
  • Friends and Family Test feature included
  • Suite of useful practice management tools included
  • Dedicated in-house development and support team
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and development

"The service at mysurgerywebsite is second to none. Thank you."

Amanda Watson, IT & Clinical Administrator, Wetmore Road Surgery

"Just a brief note to thank you for all the facilities that your website has provided that has allowed us to complete our patient survey/report etc. with the minimum of stress. As mentioned to your support team today we simply don't know how we would of managed without it and must say our yearly subscription has been money well spent. On behalf of Beech Grove please pass on my thanks and congratulations for the superb product that you provide."

Susan Petty, Practice Manager, Beech Grove Medical Practice
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"What an amazing service you offer - no wonder almost all GP Surgeries I know are with yourselves."

Dr Rohan Rao, Meadowside Medical Practice

"Thanks a lot, it's very, very nice. That alone was worth paying for the site. Thanks a lot for such great, prompt support as well."

Dr E Diggines, Rydal Group Practice

"I have to say that I am totally blown away by the service that you and your company offer. I have recommended you to many of my colleagues who are looking to set up websites."

Karen Thomas, Practice Manager at Silloth Group Practice
Call us on 0333 240 4915
Only £495 plus VAT - we have the experience to help you. How does it work? It's an easy process, provide us with your information and we do all the work. Choose from a wide variety of different layouts and colours. If you have specific requirements just ask - we can build it for you.

My Surgery Website - Features and Benefits

Our websites are easy to keep up to date. Not only can you change the textual content but you can upload your own images and documents, switch the interactive options (such as 'appointments' or 'prescriptions') on or off, add more pages and even change the entire style and appearance of your site. We like you to have as much control as you wish with your website. You can change everything yourself but if you are unsure or don't know how just let us know - our support team will be happy to help you out.

  • Edit your own website - a simple, built in editor putting you in control. You do not need any technical knowledge - it is as simple as editing a Word Document!
  • Change layout and appearance - we will initially configure your website in one of our many available website templates. Once the site is up and running you can change this layout to suit your practice.
  • Upload your own documents - we will provide you with a lot of useful documents but you can also use your own. Within the editor it is easy to upload and link in your own documents for patients to access.
  • Add your own images - the website comes with an image gallery but you can add your own photos to personalise your website further. Uploading and linking in an image is an easy process within the editor.
  • Unlimited pages - your new website will be configured with a lot of information but you have the ability to add as many extra pages as you like. It is easy to do and gives you total control of the website content.
  • Dynamic health content - we will automatically keep your site up to date with all the latest health news and information. We will also integrate the latest information about minor illness, family health, long term conditions and much more.
  • NHS syndicated content - we have worked with the NHS to syndicate some of the information from the NHS Choices website. This includes a significant amount of health information and a useful search allowing patients to find local services.
  • Interactive practice area map - we can create an interactive area map allowing your users to view the practice boundary. We will also add a postcode checker which lets patients enter their own postcode to find out if they live within your area. View an example on our demo website 
  • Practice management tools - not only do you get a fully editable, professional website but at no extra cost you get access to a secure, practice management section of your website. Take advantage of the many free tools on offer such as a Holiday Planner, Shared Calendar, Contacts, Room Diary, Scheduler and more.

There has been a recent drive encouraging practices to allow patients access to services online - we can help. With ideas and feedback from over 4000 practices we have developed a suite of online functions you get as part of your surgery website. You are free to use as many or as few of these as you wish and we can, if you prefer, tie in your clinical supplier's online services such as Emis Access, SystmOne Online, VisionOnline and others. All of our forms use secure socket layer (SSL) encryption to guarantee the confidentiality for your practice and patients.

  • Secure Online Prescriptions - a secure repeat prescribing system to help you manage your repeat requests and cut down on the number of trips to the surgery required of your patients. This works for all clinical systems. If your clinical supplier has this service available we will integrate it for you. (eg Emis, SystmOne, InPS etc)
  • Request and cancel appointments - an encrypted service which allows your patients to request and cancel appointments via your new website. Saving you time and resource and reducing the DNA rate in the practice.
  • Telephone consultation requests - allows you to organise your GP and Nurses schedule with ease. Patients can request a telephone call with the practice which can help reduce wasted appointments and home visiting times.
  • Newsletter subscription - let patients subscribe to your website so when you have a practice newsletter or even just some important news you can inform your patients with no postage or packaging!
  • Patient survey - create your own patient surveys using the simple, custom built patient survey tool. Publish on your website and the survey tool will automatically collate and graph the results. 
  • Test results - you can allow patients to access their test results through your website. The patient is registered though the website and then, when the test results are in, you can send the patient the information via the secure area of your website. 
  • User poll - create a poll allowing fast and easy access to simple questions. This allows rapid feedback from your patients on a particular topic. You can create your own pollsvia the surgery office tools and add them to the website within the editor. 
  • Travel form - allow patients to send in information about their upcoming travel plans. Your practice nurses can then get the appropriate vaccinations prepared for the patient’s visit to the practice. 
  • Online consultations - we have developed an online consultation process which will enable patients to request non-urgent medical advice via your website. This is a secure service which requires patient verification to prevent any abuse of the system.
  • New patient registration - use a dynamic version of the GMS1 form alongside an interactive new patient questionnaire allowing you to control your new patient registrations via the website – saving time for both the clinical and admin staff.
  • QOF data collection - improve your QOF data by allowing patients to submit information online enabling you to update their clinical record. Developed by feedback from over 3000 practices ensuring you are collecting the relevant information.
  • SMS and email consent - increasingly SMS is becoming a method for practices to reduce their DNA rate and also inform patients of practice news. The form allows you to gather explicit consent from patients for SMS and email contact.
  • Change of address - keep your patient listings accurate and up to date with the online change of address form. Use one form to update all of your family details.
  • Patient feedback - patients can send you comments, suggestions, feedback, ideas and more helping to improve your communication and services for the practice population.
  • Social media - while not essential, a lot of practices like to communicate with patients using social media services such as Facebook or Twitter. Not only will your website integrate seamlessly, we can advise on best practice and usage.
  • User statistics - We will create a report giving you analysis of your website usage including prescriptions ordered. We can also, if you wish, help add in more powerful analytics software allowing you to track usage of the website in greater depth.

Why choose My Surgery Website?

Over four thousand NHS doctors' practices, walk-in centres and pharmacies can’t be wrong – My Surgery Website is the best product on the market at the best price. We set the standards.  

  • Experience - having helped over 4000 practices get online and providing services to over ten million NHS patients we are the largest and most experienced surgery website team in the country. Last month alone we had over 1 million unique visitors to our websites using hundreds of thousands of online services.
  • Works with all clinical systems - our websites work with all clinical systems. Whether you have SystmOne, InPS, Emis, Microtest or anything else our website will improve the services for your patients.
  • No hidden costs; no rising charges; great value for money - We don’t believe in escalating or hidden costs. The initial setup fee for your website is only £100. Hosting of your secure website is £495 per year. Many website providers can charge £1,000s to build and host a website, but we believe in keeping our costs as low as possible without compromising on quality.
  • Unparalleled interactive website features - as we get feedback from so many practices this has enabled us to provide a suite of interactive features (such as repeat prescriptions, appointments etc) tailored to your practice requirements. We offer all of our features to all practices at no extra cost. When we release new features on the websites you will get these automatically and free of charge.
  • Unbeatable practice management tools - as part of your website you will get a suite of practice management tools which you can use to manage your practice information. There is a Holiday Planner, Shared Calendar, Contacts, Schedule & News Feeds. This can be accessed from the practice or at home via a secure logon page. This is FREE for all practices with a surgery website.
  • Designed by practices & patients - our websites have been developed from scratch with input from GPs, nurses, practice managers, IT Managers, PCTs & CCGs. Perhaps the most important group who shape our websites are the patients themselves helping us to give you a user-friendly, professional website.
  • Dedicated Support - Your new website will be easy to change and update yourself. Included in your annual licence, you will have access to our Help Centre. The Help Centre has detailed articles on how to use all the functionality of MSW, so it'll make editing your website a breeze.

However, we understand that sometimes you may just want a helping hand with editing your website. If you would prefer one of expert website design team to manage changes to your website, we can offer this additional support for only £100 per year. You can email us at any time and, in the majority of cases, get a response within an hour. We pride ourselves on the quality of our support service. In 2017, customer satisfaction was 97% and in 2018, it's 98%.

  • Disability Compliance - not only will your website meet the required disability access guidelines, but it is also developed in such a way that the website is well presented and readable for anyone with impaired vision or disabled access. We take this very seriously and have had compliments from disabled users on the structure and coding of our websites.
  • Security - Our websites use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 256 Bit encryption and each website has their own unique security certificate.
  • Continual development and improvement - A good idea from one practice tends to benefit all! As such we are continually developing the My Surgery Website product. You will automatically get these updates on your website at no extra cost. We will also continually review your website and offer advice on how to get the most out of your website for your practice.
  • No Advertisements - we will never put any unsolicited advertisements on your website. We believe the website is yours to reflect your practice image and as such you control the content.
  • More than a website; free practice leaflets - why pay a printer to produce a leaflet that is out of date before it is off the press? Keep your website up to date with all the latest news and information and then using our unique system simply generate a new leaflet whenever you want and print off the number you need.
  • A green approach - Our servers are hosted in a new UK data centre which is run on renewable energy. Best practices are used to keep energy requirements to a minimum with efficient hardware and equipment.

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In the last month... 12.15 million pages viewed on our websites, 3.35 million repeat prescription items requested In the last year... 144,917 patient surveys completed


"We’re really pleased with the website, it's a dream compared to the last one!"

Alison Heron, Blaydon Practice

"Just a note to say that we have just been interviewing for a new job and that every applicant has said that after looking at our web site that our is by far the best that they looked a, so many thanks for doing such a good job we are delighted."

Edna Ranger, Crondall New Surgery

"I just wanted to say thank you for making my life easier!!! I have just uploaded our patient participation report to the website - you have made it so easy it is not true! I was thinking it would take me ages, as I am not especially computer literate but it was done in a couple of minutes...thanks again."

Sue Saunders, Moulton Surgery

"We went live this morning! I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your excellent service and support over recent weeks. We are delighted with the new site, and grateful for the tweaks you made for us to enable us to present our content in the most effective way."

Anna Brannam, Brannam Medical Centre

"The service at mysurgerywebsite is second to none. Thank you."

Amanda Watson, IT & Clinical Administrator, Wetmore Road Surgery

"I think the site is excellent and very user friendly & you can quickly update & edit things in a matter of seconds and it is exactly what we had been after instead of needing to mess around with coding etc. I'm so glad we opted for yourselves as your support is second to none....the patients also love the new look and feel of the site and again find it very user friendly & say it looks a lot more 21st century etc."

Chris Duguid, Regal Chambers Surgery

"Ian, this is amazing – thank you so much. Subscribing to My Surgery Website is the best thing we have ever done!"

Barbara Clark, Practice Manager, St Mary's & Telephone House Surgery

"I am finding our website so much easier to update these days and we can do so much. I now go in most days to update. I also know you are always there in the background to assist when I get stuck. thank you for making it so easy for us. We would not wish to go elsewhere."

Jane Moxon, Practice Manager, Broomfield Park Medical Centre

"Thanks, you are really proving to be an amazing support to me at this time and I just want you to know that I really appreciate it and value having your input into our website."

Sue Carvell, Practice Manager, Kingswood Surgery

"Thank you so much for your patience and support, the website looks great; feedback is brilliant from staff and patients, thank you."

Greenswood Medical

"I am very glad that we chose my surgery website to build our website. Simple enough! Great customer support. What more one can expect. Well done and Keep up the good work!!!"

Vijay Jambulingam, Practice Manager, Chestnut Practice

"Let me also take this opportunity to thank you for providing superb support for our website on an on-going basis. BGP is one very satisfied customer and this is hugely due to how we get our questions answered and queries dealt with by yourselves."

Brookside Group Practice

"Thank you Iain - no need for the call back - this resolves the matter.You guys have proven to be top notch again. I recommend you whenever fellow Practice Managers talk about their website."

Clive Fenney, Practice Manager, Malvern Health Centre

"I must say I am tremendously impressed with the service you provide so far. If I had realised how helpful you were I would have set up the site ages ago!"

Oakview Medical Practice

"Thank you very much this is fantastic!! Just what I was looking for!"

Helen Bell, Borough Road and Nunthorpe Medical Group

"Many thanks for your prompt and considerate response. I am very satisfied with the service that you have provided - excellent! I am most reassured that you have provided a plain English response and will always do so. I am not the most technical of people!! However, I do understand what you have done and appreciate the step by step information that you have provided in response to my request for support. As advised, I will not hesitate to contact you in future. I just wish I had done so sooner on this occasion. I had been mulling this one over, on and off, for a few days and thought that I must have misunderstood something somewhere! I now realise that it is far better for us to be using the default content and look forward to asking for your support again soon when we are at the stage of needing to prepare surveys."

Elaine Gibbs, Practice Manager, Wellside Medical Centre

"Thanks Ian, this DES would not have been achievable without your on-going support"

Janis Smith, Practice Manager, Cleveleys Group Practice

"Brilliant. You take all the worry out of providing a very easy to use, up to date website. Your support team are wonderful, nothing is too much trouble. Editing is simple, staff home is useful. The evaluation of the patient surveys is very impressive and ticks the DES box perfectly."

MSW Website Subscriber

"I think you offer a fantastic service and I am really happy with our website. I love the ability to be able to give it a new look and think the option we have chosen looks very professional. The Patient DES side works really well and has saved us loads of work. You have always been exceedingly helpful with any queries and have responded so fast that I can only recommend you without hesitation. Thank you."

MSW Website Subscriber

"Our website is absolutely brilliant - took a tremendous amount of work and hassle out of changing from a very outdated website. I would highly recommend you to other GP Practice Managers."

MSW Website Subscriber

"I am very happy with everything that My Surgery Website do. I cannot fault anything, and I am a very grumpy, critical person!"

MSW Website Subscriber

"Website is great! Easy to use. I had to ask for support for the first time yesterday and the service received was excellent - Thank you!"

MSW Website Subscriber

"Many thanks once again. Am recommending your company everywhere and all those who have gone into our website say it is one if the best!"

MSW Website Subscriber