CQC Toolkit - CQC Compliance Project Management Software

The CQC Toolkit is a project management system that allows you to easily control the updating and publication of all your practice’s policies and protocols, audit that staff read them in a timely fashion, and easily produce reports on your progress against compliance. Currently in use by over 1800 GP practices and CCGs our CQC compliance solution is the tried and tested CQC compliance solution that is proven to drive efficiency.

This toolkit includes template policy and protocol documents for you to either use or replace with your own versions – either way, they will be automatically mapped to the relevant key questions. Also included are template evidence summaries and self-assessment action plans, document implementation records, review dates, and much more.

Best of all, because the Toolkit allows you to specify groups of staff and the protocols and policies that they need to successfully carry out their roles within the practice, each time you publish a protocol update you don’t have to think about who needs to see it; it will become automatically available to the relevant people who confirm through the Toolkit that they have read the latest version, and you have access to reports that record and date this information – so much easier than chasing people around with pieces of paper!

  • Project management system to manage ongoing compliance measures
  • Includes the regulations, guidance and key lines of enquiry / prompts for each key question
  • Automatically maps your CQC documentary evidence to the 5 key questions, 24 key lines of enquiry and 130 prompts
  • 300 Policies, Procedures and Implementation Records. Includes templates to help you fill any evidence gaps
  • Evidence Summaries, Self-assessment Action Plans, Compliance Status
  • Reports track progress, outstanding actions, staff review status and more
  • Audit control: version logs, review dates, incidents
  • Staff Training Module - provides evidence of skills and knowledge
  • Document Library - project manage other policies / procedures in this separate section to create a central library
  • Easy to use; can be networked / multi-accessed
  • Updates and customer support included
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"iQ CQC toolkit is really a helpful tool and saved us a lot of time."

Shamim Khan, Practice Manager - David Medical Centre

"Totally comprehensive, immediate updates, and CQC compatible."

Shani Fairbrother, Practice Manager - Heartwood Medical Practice

"Really easy to use and well written. Has saved me a lot of time and accurate with read codes and up to date info about the NHS. Would definitely recommend to others, only used the CQC toolkit so far."

Deena Keefe, Practice Manager - Thornton Heath Health Centre

"Fantastic software to use. I am an elderly practice manager and not all that clued up on computers and how they work, this product has made my life much easier, the product is very easy to use and produces excellent updated policies and procedures. I would not be without this product."

Natasha Rae, Practice Manager - Dr Philip Abiola (Lord Lister Health Centre)