Wales Update: Rising Temperatures and Planning for Flu Season

We still haven’t quite got over our Euros football triumph over here in Wales, flags are still flying and on top of that we have sunshine. In Wales!

Temperatures rose on and off the pitch - if there ever was a lesson for a PM on how to manage there were plenty of hints from our Welsh manager. Team playing and forward planning seem to be the key to keeping those temperatures cool.

Looking ahead, and I can’t quite believe I’m saying this: FLU SEASON is almost upon us! We’ve been asked to complete our flu plan template, looking at what went right last year and what we could do better this time. What about you? Any tips to share? Open days seem to be a clear winner in vaccinating large amounts of patients but they tend to catch the ones that are ringing in April asking when the flu vaccine is coming in!

The most difficult ones still seem to be the under 65s and those that… well, just don’t want the vaccine. There’s been some bad press but there’s also evidence to suggest that the flu vaccination really does save lives for those who are vulnerable. So go ahead and plan!

We also have a deadline for the cluster group, as the cluster network plan needs to be signed off and sent to the health board by September 30th. It would be interesting to hear about what priorities different parts of Wales have in their plan and whether cluster working is making a positive impact or not in other areas?

Don’t forget as well under QP to hold your multi-disciplinary team meetings (two are required by the end of March 2017) if you are aspiring to that indicator. Also, make sure you get clarification from your lead about what the meeting should entail as there was some ambiguity last year.

Summer has brought with it a whole host of extra issues, not least the dreaded annual leave requests that leave your rota looking emptier than Michael Gove’s fan mail box. Always make sure you plan in advance for annual leave – it’s better wherever possible to fill gaps rather than stretch existing staff, as that will only bring stress and frustration. Something we could all do without!

Lastly – if you haven’t already, make sure you get a holiday! Grab a deck-chair, put your feet up, grab a Pinot and settle down with your favourite book. It’s important to free your mind of LES, DES and the rest for a few days!

Gwyliau Haf Hapus :)

(Happy summer holidays!)



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