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The Staff Salary Survey 2015/16 results are now in!

The results for First Practice Management (FPM) Group's annual Staff Pay and Ratio Survey are now in. 

We would like to thank all the practice staff who contributed to the survey, which helps practice managers gauge a suitable rate of pay for their staff based on the market rates paid by GP practices elsewhere.

You can view the table of results in the website's knowledge base.

If you are having issues viewing the infographic displaying results below, you can also download the PDF version.

Once again, First Practice Management would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who took the time to contribute to the survey. 

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Jade Dudding 17/11/2016

Hi, thank you for the feedback on our survey results article. We do a separate survey for Practice Managers. You can access last year's results here: or you can wait for this year's results to be published next week. We also have specific areas on the website that have a full breakdown of both the staff and manager salary surveys in our visitor sections on the website that you'll find by clicking the sitemap. Hope that answers your questions. Thanks Jade

F McBrien 17/11/2016

Thanks for an interesting article, which provides helpful information on the state of primary care (dropping) rates of remuneration for most employees. . It is a pity that the presentation of data is marred by bias evident in the use of pejorative adjectives such as the 'whopping' increase in locum fees, dispenser salaries decreased by an 'alarming' average, 'huge' drop in salary for Finance Managers... . At least this alerts the reader to some lack of objectivity, hopefully not prejudice and agenda. Where are the rates for Practice Managers for comparison (as opposed to the sub-groups mentioned)? No information about GP Principal, self-employed (as are locums), remuneration for perspective although, admittedly, they are managers' employers.

Mark Allen 19/07/2016

I wonder if it would be possible to express the salaried GP and locum rates by the sessions as it's not always clear how many hours are worked - most salarieds that I know work long days (10 to 12 hours!) for nominally two sessions per day so I'm not sure how many hours I should multiply the hourly rate above by!

Nicole, Web Editor 28/04/2016

Hi Rekha, This has been rectified, thanks for pointing it out for us! We run a separate survey specifically dedicated to practice manager salaries in more detail than this survey. If you'd like a breakdown of PM salaries, you can find these in the knowledge base alongside the staff salary survey results. I hope this help. Best Wishes, Nicole.

Rekha Vadgama 28/04/2016

There is an error in the Nursing Section labelling. It says reception staff. What about practice managers?

barnali 28/04/2016

An useful survey. The receptionists in this practice earn similar to the average published in the report but the discrepancy in the locum salary is vast if the agency fees are factored in.

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