Charan Sarai - Practice Manager Adviser

Getting to Know Thornfields’ Charan Sarai

We’re lucky enough to work with a very skilled and talented team at First Practice Management Group, many of whom have years of primary care and general practice experience. With this in mind, we’ve decided to start a new interview series where you can find out a little more about the stars of FPM. The first interviewee is Charan Sarai, Training Delivery Manager for Thornfields.

What was your background before working at FPM Group?

I had my own consultancy business, CORA (Confidentiality, Openness Respect and Accountability), and prior to that I worked for 23 years in general practice, 13 of those in a partner role. Not forgetting my nurse cadet training before that.

Why did you want to become a Thornfields trainer?

Training is a passion - I love to encourage and build up those who need extra resource to help them do their job better.

What’s been your proudest moment as a trainer?

My proudest moments are seeing delegates using the new skills they have acquired through the training deliveries, especially the group that achieved very high scores in their ILM qualification.

Notwithstanding of course that Thornfields gained the Education Provider of the Year award at the 2016 General Practice Awards.

What is your favourite course to deliver and why?

My favourites are any of the courses to do with customer excellence, motivation, projecting a positive image as an NHS leader and being effective - something I hope I project to others.

Thornfields have designed two new courses for the GP Forward View, please can you tell us a little bit about them?

The courses are to help practices meet the goals set out in the GP Forward View. The programmes will help receptionists with active signposting and clerical staff with the management of clinical correspondence.

How will these courses help practice staff?

They will help staff take a more enhanced role in both of those fields, building up their skill level to help them deliver benefits to both patients and their practice.

Finally, what are your plans for the future… personally and with the FPM Group?

  • I am hoping to see a little more of the world, starting with a fun outing with friends to New York and a more spiritual holiday later in the year when I make my second visit to the Holy Land in Jerusalem
  • Get fit and make the most of my new gym equipment
  • Develop my Garden of Hope project with my Church Ministry
  • To help the expansion of Thornfields
  • To utilise my coaching/ mentor skills
  • Support the team of new associates


Find out more about Thornfields’ range of courses and their new Active Signposting and Management of Clinical Correspondence programmes to see how they could benefit your practice.

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Business Manager - Nottingham

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Salary: £50,000-£65,000 p/a depending on experience

Operations Manager - North Norfolk

Closing Date: 7 August 2020

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