FPMS Pro – Learn More About FPM’s Fantastic New Features

FPM members are now able to access a selection of new time-saving tools and features, all designed to help make life as a practice manager that little bit easier. With these new benefits available to all FPM members now, we thought we would explain the practical benefits they can offer your practice in more detail.

Here's a brief look at the benefits some of the new tools offer:

Staff Schedules

This is an incredibly flexible tool that will allow you to define staff schedules across the practice. It allows you to map out working patterns for individual staff members even if they work different shift patterns, times or days.

You can use the staff categories to easily see who is working when and make sure you have the appropriate cover when leave is requested. This easy-to-use tool transforms scheduling staff rotas into a quick and easy process.

Fridge Monitor


This tool allows you to monitor the temperature of your fridges, setting minimum and maximum temperatures, and keep track of the results. It also lets you set up schedules and assign staff to record and log fridge temperatures. Plus, graphical reports allow staff to track temperatures over time and prevent failures before they happen.

Drug Manager

Keep track of every aspect of managing drugs in your surgery with this fully compliant browser-based system, from delivery to administering and everything in between. You can also run reports and audits using the tool.

Holiday Planners 


One of the major headaches of practice management is holiday allocation. This time-saving tool enables you to manage all of your staff holidays and absence, and is viewable in an easy-to-read calendar format.

You can organise absences by type, such as holiday, study etc., and filter them by date, type of absence and individual staff member. The Holiday Planner can also be used to generate reports, meaning you can easily view the annual holiday plans and allocation for all of your staff members.

To-Do Lists

Create to-do lists for yourself or other staff members, as well as repeating check-list items for tasks around the surgery. Checklist items are audited, meaning that a record of activity is maintained within the system.

Room Diary 


Organise and manage your practice’s room booking rota. This tool allows you to see which rooms are available when and book them quickly and easily - you can also filter the diary by room and date to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Other great new features included when you sign up to FPMS Pro include an FFT Results Tracker, Equipment Manager and Survey Creation Tool.

The addition of these great new features makes your FPM membership even better value than ever, adding to the many existing benefits of membership such as a library of fully up-to-date policies and procedures, a selection of invaluable toolkits and expert HR guidance.

Plus, you can receive content that is tailored directly to you via the FPM website and access it on-the-go using our new app.

Stay tuned to the FPM Blog over the next few weeks, as well as our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, to be the first to hear more details about accessing these brilliant new features.

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