FPM Staff Salary Survey Results 2017 Are Live!

The results for First Practice Management's staff salary survey are here! We would like to thank all of the practice managers who contributed to the survey - the results will help you gauge a suitable rate of pay for your staff based on the average rates paid by GP practices elsewhere.

You can view the table of results in the website's knowledge base.

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First Practice Management 10/04/2017

Hi Colin As part of the survey, we asked how much locum GPs were paid at an hourly rate in their practice, which are the figures we published. We didn’t ask for any further information on this, only the flat hourly rate paid.

colin smith 10/04/2017

Hi I would be interested in how you get to the locum GP rates as we in london are having to pay £90ph and do you include pension payments.

First Practice Management 04/04/2017

Hi Steve, practice managers complete the survey with their own rates for salaried GPs so it depends on how they've worked the hourly salary out. We then use this data to calculate averages and we also share the highest and lowest salaries too. Thanks FPM

Steve Mowatt 04/04/2017

Can you describe the formula used to achieve the Salaried GP hourly rate please? We usually compare on a sessional basis. thanks

Survindar Chahal 30/03/2017

Hi Kelly - if you click on the link to the Knowledge Base, you can open the Staff Salary Survey 2017 Results document that tells you the sample size for each job category.

Kelly 30/03/2017

It would be helpful to know what the sample size was for each job category.

First Practice Management 29/03/2017

Hi Cheryl, this survey was just aimed at practice staff, we run a separate survey that focuses on practice and business managers. The most recent results for that survey can be found here https://www.firstpracticemanagement.co.uk/knowledge-base/gp-practice-manager-salary-bonus-survey/. We will run another Practice Manager Salary Survey in Sept/Oct. Thanks FPM

Cheryl Mair 29/03/2017

Were there no results for a Practice Manager and/or Business Manager?

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