FPM Staff Pay and Ratios Survey 2014/15 Results (infographic)

The results for First Practice Management (FPM) Group's annual Staff Pay and Ratio Survey are now in. 

We would like to thank all the practice staff who contributed to the survey, which helps Practice Managers gauge a suitable rate of pay for their staff based on the market rates paid by GP Practices elsewhere.

The survey included hourly rates for 19 different roles within General Practice, including admin staff, managerial staff and GPs.

We have put together an Infographic to display the results; however, a more comprehensive guide to the survey results can also be found on the blog here.

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Mark 13/05/2016

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Mark 12/05/2016

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Nicole Gallagher, FPM Web Editor 08/01/2016

Hi Paul, I've had a look into this and it appears that the PDF version linked to on the blog post here is not the same as the one we have on file. You would be right in thinking that the infographic on the blog post itself is the correct version and GP Salaries did decrease by £1.11 since we last did the survey in 2013. I have since taken down the pdf to avoid further confusion. With regards to the amount of practices who completed the survey and how many of these practices were in London, I can have a look into this this afternoon and get back to you. We will once again be running the survey this year from February onwards and will consider how we can incorporate this into the survey without compromising participants anonymity. I hope this helps, Nicole

Paul Massey 07/01/2016

Hello, I notice that the pdf version is different to the web version in regard to salaried GP hourly rate. In the pdf infographic version it states that the HR has gone up by £9.84 from 12/13 - 14/15 but on the infographic above and the text version it states it has gone down by £1.11. Please could you tell me which is correct as this depicts a huge variation in national average pay for salaried GP's. I would assume/hope that the later is the correct sum as an average of over £100k a year is a scary thought! Secondly would it be possible for you to let me know, how many Practices responded to the survey and from what areas of the UK? For example if a large portion of the responses were from London based Practices then this would have an impact on the average. Thank you very much for providing the results of the survey, I have completed on a number of occasions for the four Practices that I run and will continue to do so.

Jerry Betteridge 06/05/2015

Hi Nicole No, I was referring to the table which showed all the staff grades with a spread of pay ranges! Jerry

Nicole Gallagher 06/05/2015

Hi Jerry, Thanks for the feedback! As with Justin, I think you might be referring to our Practice Manager Salary Survey in the Autumn, which we will continue to present in the usual more detailed format - It's great to hear that this survey is a useful tool for Practice Managers though! As responses for the Practice Manager Salary Survey are so high, we are able to give this more detailed analysis without risk of breaching anonymity. However, we are currently unable to present data in this way with the Staff Salary Survey. I hope this helps, Nicole

Jerry Betteridge 05/05/2015

I totally agree with Justin - the previous format was completely useful and much closer to what we need and use. The summary is fine, but doesn't offer much as a planning/advisory tool.

Nicole Gallagher 05/05/2015

Hi Justin, I believe you are referring to the format of our Practice Manager Salary Survey which we release annually around Autumn time. This will continue to be presented in the spreadsheet format as in the years beforehand and is much more detailed than the Staff Salary Survey above due to the nature of the survey and much higher rates of response. Nicole, FPM Web Editor

Justin Pearce 30/04/2015

Averages are fine, and it looks pretty in colour... - but the previous spreadsheet format with high/low rates per area and number of replies was far more useful.

Robert Macnaughton 21/04/2015

You have said above ( in the infographic version) that 'a more comprehensive guide to the survey results will also be posted in the next week' . Can you give any indication when this would be? Many thanks

Nicole Gallagher 16/04/2015

Hi Kerry, apologies for that. Thanks for spotting it and letting us know! The figures are now all correct and I can confirm that Assistant Practice Managers make an average of £12.78 per hour according to the salary survey/

kerry martin 16/04/2015

The management salaries chart does not match the first chart of roles within general practice. Which figures are correct?

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