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Five resilience-boosting tips for stressed practice managers

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties, which is vitally important in general practice. Stress levels are on the rise thanks to changes in the NHS, tightening budgets and more initiatives than ever to keep track of.

In FPM's Job Satisfaction Survey 2018, 75% of practice managers told us they experience stressful situations more often than not. So what are good approaches to becoming more resilient? Here are some quick tips to help practice managers working in primary care tackle their key pressure points.

1. Remember to take a breather

If you’re feeling stressed, give yourself permission to take a step back. Surely spending a little time thinking about something else is better than fixating on a problem – especially if it’s something you can’t do anything about right now.

2. Don’t try to do it all yourself 

There’s no shame in leaning into your support network. That could mean delegating more work to colleagues or just getting things off your chest with a trusted friend in private.

3. Take the time to appreciate your successes

Putting an emphasis on the things you’ve achieved at work will help build up reserves of positivity! The bad things never seem quite as bad when you’ve spent the day thinking about what a great job you’ve done.

4. Take care of your physical health 

Are you getting enough sleep? How about exercise? It seems hard to fit these things in sometimes, but looking after your body makes it more likely that you’ll be ready to cope with everyday stresses.

5. Be flexible 

The more we stay set in our ways and refuse to try doing things differently, the more likely we are to start getting bogged down. The NHS is always changing, so we need to be able to change with it.




Above all, resilience is about positivity, confidence and recognising when pressure is becoming a problem. Be aware of your own feelings and emotions, recognise when you are being pushed too hard and take time out to reflect on your strengths and achievements.

Keep an eye out for FPM's Job Satisfaction Survey 2019, coming soon!

We can develop strategies to help us deal with stress too. FPM members can visit our
Toolkit Section, which includes a Mindfulness Toolkit dedicated to managing stress, as well as other time-saving tools for busy practice managers.

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