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How to deal with burnout: Signs and prevention

By Katerina Papangeli / 25 June, 2019

As managers and employers, it is important to provide support and guidance to staff when they need it. The nature of working in general practice can be very demanding and as a result, healthcare professionals can find themselves trapped in stressful situations.

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Policy Updates - Week Commencing 24th June 2019

By First Practice Management / 25 June, 2019

This week we have made updates to the Chaperone Policy, Cold Chain Policy and Financial Procedures documents, all available to download now for FPM members.

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What Makes a Great Practice Manager?

By First Practice Management / 24 June, 2019

It’s the ultimate question! We’re all striving to go above and beyond the realms of science by giving 110%, alongside every other workplace cliché you care to mention - but sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

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What we learned from the 2018 Practice Manager Job Satisfaction Survey

By First Practice Management / 19 June, 2019

Next week we will be launching our annual FPM Job Satisfaction Survey, which explores themes including well-being, looking forward to the future and managing people.

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Policy Updates - Week Commencing 17th June 2019

By First Practice Management / 18 June, 2019

A series of brand new HR documents headline this week’s policy updates, including an Absence Management Log to help monitor and manage short-term sickness, and Notes Pages which can be used to log details in investigations, disciplinaries and grievances.

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Getting to grips with medical terminology: A guide for Practice Managers

By Gerry Devine / 18 June, 2019

It’s important for operational managers to have a solid understanding of the many different aspects of their workplace. With that in mind, here’s a brief guide to medical terminology that will be of help to many practice managers.

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Secret diary of a practice manager – Building a Primary Care Network

By Anonymous Blogger / 17 June, 2019

As a practice manager with over 15 years of experience, here’s my personal view of the creation of Primary Care Networks and my feelings around how preparations for my own PCN are going.


What is the key to strong leadership in primary care?

By Samantha Rigby / 12 June, 2019

Leadership in practice management is absolutely key for the running of a successful primary care business, and Practice Managers all over England could be set to benefit from new investment.

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Policy Updates - Week Commencing 10th June 2019

By First Practice Management / 11 June, 2019

This week’s round-up features a new Maternity Guide developed to help Practice Managers ensure a smooth and positive experience for pregnant women in the workplace.

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What do you do when a new employee informs you they are pregnant?

By Samantha Rigby / 10 June, 2019

We have had a significant number of queries to the HR Helpline regarding new employees and maternity recently. Coupled with interesting developments in case law around pregnancy in the workplace, we thought we would discuss the topic ourselves…

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Heads in the cloud: Is the NHS up for sale?

By Anonymous Blogger / 07 June, 2019

In the week Donald Trump arrived in the UK saying that any trade deals between us and America after Brexit must have the NHS on the table, I also learned that 40 million patient records are to be transferred to ‘the cloud’.

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The NHS App – What are the benefits to patients and GP practices?

By First Practice Management / 05 June, 2019

The new NHS App will be launching soon, and both GP practice staff and patients will be keen to understand how using it will benefit them. To help answer those questions, we have created a quick video highlighting some of the key benefits to patients and practices.

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Policy Updates - Week Commencing 3rd June 2019

By First Practice Management / 05 June, 2019

This week’s round-up features a selection of HR-related documents, with updated policies covering topics such as equality and diversity, recruitment and bullying and harassment.


At the sharp end: The importance of phlebotomy updates

By Lisanne Meadowcroft / 04 June, 2019

Many staff who are trained in the art of phlebotomy carry on day to day without ever attending a refresher course. They may have been practising for years and received a certificate of competence, but how can they be sure that they are up to date?

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Five resilience-boosting tips for stressed practice managers

By Simon Harker / 03 June, 2019

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties, something that is vitally important in general practice. It’s understandable that stress levels are on the rise thanks to ongoing changes in the NHS, tightening budgets and more initiatives than ever to keep track of.


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Practice Manager - Bury

Closing Date: 31 January 2024

Salary: £38,000 - £50,000 per annum, dependent on experience

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