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Policy Updates - Week Commencing 30th October 2017

By First Practice Management / 31 October, 2017

This week’s policy round-up gives us a brand new addition in the form of a Policy for Elective Surgery. A wide-ranging document, it covers issues including deciding when to allow time off, issues of confidentiality and dealing with unexpected outcomes.

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NHS Digital's Denise Downs on SNOMED CT and Primary Care - Part 2

By First Practice Management / 31 October, 2017

We're back with the second part of our interview with Denise Downs, one of NHS Digital's leading figures regarding the implementation of SNOMED CT. In the concluding part of our interview, Denise tells us about the future of SNOMED.


5 Everyday Nightmares Practice Managers Have to Face...

By First Practice Management / 30 October, 2017

The streets are adorned with pumpkins and spooky decorations, there are some fangtastic costumes about and I think a few of us are probably guilty of sneaking the trick or treaters' sweets... We spoke to some practice managers about ghastly problems they've faced recently!


NHS Digital's Denise Downs Discusses SNOMED CT and Primary Care

By First Practice Management / 25 October, 2017

Last month FPM caught up with Denise Downs, Senior Terminology Implementation and Education Specialist for SNOMED in Primary Care. We asked Denise what the next few months and even years are set to look like with SNOMED finally on the horizon.

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Policy Updates - Week Commencing 23rd October 2017

By First Practice Management / 24 October, 2017

This week’s policy round-up gives you the chance to get a head start on your planning for next year – we’ve uploaded Holiday Records for 2018, available for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

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Behind the Scenes of Thornfields’ Introduction to SNOMED Course

By Thornfields Primary Care Training Specialists / 24 October, 2017

The switch to SNOMED CT from Read codes is getting closer, and FPM has been keeping you up to speed on any new developments every step of the way. The first Thornfields ‘Introduction to SNOMED’ course is happening this week, so we wanted to give you an exclusive look at what to expect.

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Should GP Practices be Forced to Utilise Social Media?

By First Practice Management / 19 October, 2017

Social media is never far from the news and many professions choose to utilise it in order to reap potential benefits such as more exposure and promotion - but should businesses and even GP practices be forced into the world of social?

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Secret Diary of a Practice Manager - The State of the Nation...

By Anonymous Blogger / 18 October, 2017

Our anonymous blogger is back and they have a lot to get off their mind! They take aim at the approach taken by Jeremy Hunt and the Government to managing CCGs and general practice, as well as discussing the tough decisions currently facing many practice managers.

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Practice Manager Salary Survey 2017

By First Practice Management / 17 October, 2017

The gender wage gap has remained firmly in the headlines in 2017 and it’s something we will be exploring again in this year’s Practice Manager Salary Survey. We discovered that men earned upwards of 10% more than women working in practice management roles last year – will there have been a significant change since then? Help us find out for the chance to win an iPad Mini 4!

HR / Employment Law

HR Case File: Are You Treating Staff Consistently and Fairly?

By Lisa Wainwright / 16 October, 2017

An Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) ruling earlier this year has drawn attention to the need to treat employees’ concerns consistently and fairly, regardless of whether their issues may seem relatively minor.


How Are You? The Importance of Self-Care

By Bethany McCormack / 11 October, 2017

Practices often have patients present who may not have anything physically wrong with them, but could actually do with some help and support. Promoting self-care and wellbeing in your practice could be incredibly beneficial for this type of patient.

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World Mental Health Day: A Recipe for Wellbeing

By Gerry Devine / 10 October, 2017

It can be all too easy for all of us to lose some perspective and forget to take care of our mental health. However taking the time to do just that is not only good for our wellbeing, it’s also important for the sustained delivery of the jobs we do.

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What Are the Health Impacts of Working Long Hours for PMs?

By Georgie Irving / 09 October, 2017

Raising awareness of the long hours worked by many PMs is a topic close to our hearts at FPM. Masters student Georgie Irving has been researching the effect of working hours on PMs’ health and wellbeing, so we asked her to share her analysis. Here’s what Georgie found…

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Our 2017 Flu Clinic Could Be a Washout!

By Anonymous Blogger / 06 October, 2017

“The queues got bigger and spread out into the car park…” An anonymous blogger reveals how unforeseen issues affected their weekend flu clinic. Could they turn things around and end the day on a positive note?


The GP Forward View and Building Resilience: Support for Practices

By Simon Harker / 04 October, 2017

The General Practice Resilience Programme, part of the GP Forward View, provides funds to help GP practices build resilience into the system - which means practices can access support and training that won’t cost them a thing.


How to Encourage Self-Care in Your Practice

By MIAB / 03 October, 2017

The Self-Care Campaign, launched in March 2010, encourages individuals with minor ailments to visit their local pharmacy for advice and over-the-counter treatment rather than relying on visiting their GP practice.

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Policy Updates - Week Commencing 2nd October 2017

By First Practice Management / 03 October, 2017

This week’s policy review includes an update to the Whisteblowing Policy, as GP practices need to appoint a Freedom to Speak Up Guardian now!


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