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Shared Parental Leave

By Jennifer Melia / 29 July, 2014

Shared parental leave will be in be in place for employees who are due to have a baby with an expected due date of 5 April 2015, or after. This means that there will be an extended period of time after the compulsory maternity leave period of two weeks...

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Friends and Family Test – Update

By Helen Murray / 29 July, 2014

As you know the FFT will be introduced as a contractual requirement from 1st December 2014.   Rhian and I were invited to NHS England last week for an update on the Friends and Family Test which we thought would be a useful way to gather more information...


Fat Cats

By Old Geezer / 29 July, 2014

Anyone old enough to enjoy the original series of “Top Cat” will realise that I am not referring to Benny the Ball. Every so often the newspapers pick up on yet another vast salary or payout hidden within the depths of the NHS and I have read of another in the FPM headlines recently...

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Legislation Update: Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Guidelines updates

By First Practice Management / 29 July, 2014

New guidance on safe handling of cytotoxic drugs. HSE has recently published a new page that provides guidance on the safe handling of cytotoxic drugs in the workplace. Cytotoxic drugs are used widely in healthcare settings as well as in the community in the treatment of cancers...

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Working in Hot Weather

By Kate Hodkinson / 22 July, 2014

Summer is here and we are experiencing a period of warm and dry weather – which many people see as a positive yet can create problems for managers and practices to deal with. One of the most commonly raised questions on our Health and Safety Courses for Managers...

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The Friends and Family Test is here... FPM can help!

By Rhian Bulmer / 22 July, 2014

Yesterday saw the formal announcement of the imminent introduction of the Friends and Family Test into General Practice and Community Services. This came as no surprise for most of us following the initial implementation into hospital departments...


Clinical notes summarising in primary care

By Julia Smith / 21 July, 2014

Thornfields are proud to announce a suite of new courses that focus on aiding the development of your practice team in terms of understanding the importance of data quality, summarising, clinical coding and exception reporting. In this article, we are going to look at Thornfields new course...

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By Marion Duffy / 21 July, 2014

It’s summer. The sky here in Perthshire is heavy with threatening rain clouds and we keep fingers crossed that the weekend will stay dry. It’s also the season for lists. That time of the year when the newspapers run out fresh ideas to fill their many column inches...

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Retaining valuable employees

By Jennifer Melia / 15 July, 2014

In any business, there will always be a natural turnover of staff, which is something to be expected. As any good manager knows, once you have a team of people who can collectively and individually deliver the objectives of the practice and work in a harmonious way...


Perception and Misconception

By Old Geezer / 15 July, 2014

It is quite difficult, short of a direct information request, to find out what the breakdown of members is in the BMA. Out of 7 GPs in my practice (and a good many others who I have known and have been and gone in the last few years) I only came across one BMA member...


The Secret Diary of a Practice Manager Part 16

By Anonymous Blogger / 15 July, 2014

Things are changing, but are they for the better? We are all well aware that you can’t go a day without the press or a politician making a remark about GPs being part of the NHS problem and that more changes are needed to make it work. So we are told we should be working 8:00 till 8:00pm...

HR / Employment Law

Legislation Update: Health & Safety in care homes

By First Practice Management / 15 July, 2014

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have published guidance which is intended to help those providing and managing care homes – to give them a better understanding of the real risks and how to manage them effectively. It has been extensively rewritten...

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What is an E-Cigarette?

By Survindar Chahal / 08 July, 2014

E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that are designed to look and work like a real cigarette. They usually contain a rechargeable lithium battery, a nicotine cartridge and an LED light that gives that recognisable burning glow when you puff on it...


New Thornfields Training Course – Clinical Coding

By Julia Smith / 08 July, 2014

Thornfields are proud to announce a suite of new courses that focus on aiding the development of your practice team in terms of understanding the importance of data quality, summarising, clinical coding and exception reporting. We are going to look at Thornfields new training courses...


Don’t get tripped up by general liability claims

By Towergate MIA / 08 July, 2014

The medical profession tends to focus on medical liability claims but GP practices are also vulnerable to general liability claims made by employees or members of the public who suffer injury or damage to their property at your premises. These groups are covered...


Legislation Update: Car Allowances

By First Practice Management / 07 July, 2014

Many employers pay their employees a monthly car allowance to compensate them for the business use of their private vehicles. In most cases this car allowance is treated as remuneration and is subject to PAYE and National Insurance deductions...


Bending over backwards

By Old Geezer / 07 July, 2014

Now that the government have expanded flexible working to include everyone, I expect this will have a major impact on GP practices. We have always had the major requirement when recruiting that our staff have the flexibility to cover absences etc...

HR / Employment Law

New changes to flexible working rights

By Jennifer Melia / 01 July, 2014

New changes to Flexible Working Rights came into force on 30th June 2014 which are designed to simplify the request process for both staff and managers. Employers will now have to consider applications for all staff that have worked over 26 weeks in the practice...

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First Practice Management Group welcomes practice website specialists to the fold

By First Practice Management / 01 July, 2014

It gives us great pleasure to announce that practice website specialists Internet GP are now a part of the First Practice Management Group. Providing over 600 healthcare customers with websites and online services, Internet GP (IGP) were the first supplier of on-line websites...

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Could we do more to prevent DNAs?

By Helen Murray / 01 July, 2014

I recently read an article venting frustrations at persistent ‘DNA-ers’ and as an ex-practice manager I completely understand the frustrations around this. Patients are not fully aware of the implications of missed appointments; how wasteful and costly it is to the NHS...


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