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What the Law says about Work Related Stress

By Elspeth Buck / 31 May, 2013

Health and Safety legislation requires that if an employee is feeling under stress due to work/work environment, the employer must take steps to rectify the situation where possible.  As an employer you do however have the right to expect that an employee is able to cope...


Civil Servants on the “front line”

By Old Geezer / 31 May, 2013

You might remember my earlier concept of the “DoH bright spark thinking man” - that recurrent and unknown genius in the political machine who controls Jeremy Hunt with his right fore-arm. The latest wonder emerging from the corridors of power is for EVERY DoH civil servant ...

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Developing Your Practice

By Kate Hodkinson / 28 May, 2013

What constitutes good management?  Keeping things going without major incident or developing your practice to meet future challenges. For many practice managers, their job is a mixture of both. They are required to take a very hands- on day to day role in ensuring that things run smoothly...


The Secret Diary of a Practice Manager Part 3

By Anonymous Blogger / 28 May, 2013

This blog highlights the very varied role we take as practice managers. It isn't all about form filling and target chasing. Well here I am Bank holiday Monday and contemplating the week ahead, and thinking of the past week. The terrible events of Wednesday in Woolwich...


First Practice Management Pay Rise Survey Results 2013

By First Practice Management / 28 May, 2013

The results are in for the First Practice Management Pay Rise Survey 2013!!! The increase in GP practice funding of 1.32% designed to provide a pay increase of 1% for GPs and a compatible increase for other staff has promoted adverse comments in the press...


When the Surgery is closed! the Out of Hours dilemma

By Donald Stewart / 28 May, 2013

There has been much recent publicity about A&E’s being unable to cope with the demand on its services for which many are blaming GP's because they do not provide their own out of hours cover. Recently on the radio 5 breakfast show a professor in emergency medicine...


Facilitation Services

By Ruth Long / 21 May, 2013

Most practices organise occasional partners’ away days, strategic planning days and all-practice team building sessions. We believe these events are most successful when run by an external facilitator, allowing the practice manager to participate fully rather than worrying...


The Secret Diary of a Practice Manager Part 2

By Anonymous Blogger / 21 May, 2013

Here we are 14 days into the new QOF year and wondering where the last 12 months have gone and what the next 12 months will bring. I suppose we did exactly the same last year. Fortunately, we seem to have done well once again this QOF year...

Legislation Update: Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare

By First Practice Management / 21 May, 2013

Following an initial consultation in June 2012, it was agreed by the HSE board that a number of Approved Code of Practices (ACOPs) would be revised in line with the recommendation by Professor Ragnar Löfstedt in his report ‘Reclaiming health and safety for all’...

HR / Employment Law

Work Related Stress

By Elspeth Buck / 14 May, 2013

Why do people talk so much about stress as a new thing? The harmful effect of work related stress has been studied by psychologists since the 1950s.The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) defines stress as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demands...


Scotland Update: QOF, DES, EMIS & Health and Social Care

By Donald Stewart / 13 May, 2013

Scottish QOF Guidance for 2013/14 was issued on 1 May 2013 and an electronic copy of the guidance is on the show website.Indicators across all domains have been renumbered.Indicators that apply to Scotland only, and differ from the rest of the UK have (S) after the indicator number...


Where Do You Start When Recruiting a GP Practice Receptionist?

By Ruth Long / 13 May, 2013

On first glance, and perhaps to people external to the industry, it might seem that a GP practice receptionist is no different to a receptionist working in the hospitality or corporate industry environment. However, the reality is that a GP Practice is a very different environmen...

HR / Employment Law

Legislation Update: HMRC Deadlines & Sharps Regulations

By First Practice Management / 13 May, 2013

New Regulations implementing EU law (the “Sharps Directive”) come into force across the UK on 11 May 2013. All NHS employers and employees need to be aware of and act upon the additional requirements (over and above existing health and safety legislation)...


Integrity - dead, or just out of fashion?

By Steve Morris / 08 May, 2013

Thankfully fraud by practice managers is unusual, but another major incident in Manchester, resulting in a jail sentence, highlights just how much the partners have to rely on the integrity of their staff and management. That is not to say however that there is some invisible line...


We’re all going on a Summer Holiday …

By Polly Saxon / 08 May, 2013

Summer holidays… aren’t they fab?  They start with the discussion about where and when.  Then there is the excitement of poring over the brochures (or, more likely nowadays, trawling the net). Then perhaps a debate about the particular resort/hotel/cottage/campsite...

Care Quality Commission

FPM CQC Roadshow Video

By Keerti Baker / 08 May, 2013

On 9th April, First Practice Management organised a CQC Roadshow at the Imperial War Museum Manchester. The day saw representatives from over 40 practices attend to find out more about what to expect in a CQC inspection.“I recently attended the FPM CQC road show in Manchester...

HR / Employment Law

Legislation Update: Post Employment Victimisation

By First Practice Management / 07 May, 2013

The Equality Act 2010 prohibits victimisation in employment, and it also outlaws discrimination and harassment connected to termination of employment, but it also states that the Act does not protect employees from post-employment victimisation...


Update on MMR in England

By Jeffrey Krell / 05 May, 2013

In England we are monitoring the MMR situation carefully.  We have not seen any upsurge at our surgery for the MMR vaccination nor heard of any panic or upsurge within our locality. We have always had a robust system in place of ensuring our children get the MMR vaccination...


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