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The Importance of Data Quality in General Practice - Exclusive Training Offer

By Helen Murray / 07 July, 2015

Information, whether in paper or digital form, is the lifeblood of any NHS organisation because of its critical importance to patient care, safety and other related business processes. As NHS information technology continues to evolve, the importance of data that is “fit for sharing” has never been more important.

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Promises, Pledges and Practices (a.k.a Not another election article)

By Survindar Chahal / 06 May, 2015

Most of the articles on this week’s election will have another one of those introductions such as “the NHS is a key factor in the General Election campaign” or something similarly obvious. The seemingly endless rounds of debates, finger-pointing and fear-mongering draw to a close in less than 48 hours.


The Secret Diary of a Practice Manager Part 21

By Anonymous Blogger / 03 March, 2015

You might have noticed in the news recently that the NHS will be handing over the total £6 billion pound NHS budget for Greater Manchester to Manchester City Council. As a partner in a practice within the area affected, I have very mixed views on the move.

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Did You Know Stressed Backwards is Desserts?

By Gerry Devine / 04 November, 2014

Did you know that today is the 16th annual  “Stress Awareness Day” - so how have things changed since they felt the need, back then, to launch this event? Well in 1998 the DVD format was first launched, Boyzone where voted band of the year and the UK came second in the Eurovision song contest. Where are we now? DVDs are now more likely to be...

Care Quality Commission

CQC Index - FPM Policies and Procedures Library Update

By First Practice Management / 29 October, 2014

Following recent changes to the CQC inspection process for GP practices in England, First Practice Management (FPM) have reviewed and updated the FPM CQC Index in the protocol library. In order to aid practice managers with the new style of assessments, members can now access all the documents needed to be CQC complaint with a step by step guide...


5 things to consider when merging your practice

By Charan Sarai / 27 October, 2014

Is it a question of surviving?  Can a merger result in lower overhead costs?  Perhaps a more balanced life style for the GP partners whilst maintaining that their income cannot drop?  These are questions you are faced with when making the decision to merge or not to merge...


GMS Contract 2015/16

By Kate Hodkinson / 02 October, 2014

Interesting news coming from NHS Employers who have reached agreement with the GP Committee of the BMA on changes to the GMS Contract for next year. There are a mix of things which give an uncertain picture of the implications for practices...


The Secret Diary of a Practice Manager Part 19

By Anonymous Blogger / 22 September, 2014

They say a week is a long time in politics; well the same applies for the NHS.I am writing this blog on receipt of the 17th of September FPM weekly bulletin. On looking at the updated news section, it all looks doom and gloom for general practice. If I took everything at its face value...


6 interesting facts from previous practice manager salary surveys

By Nicole Gallagher / 16 September, 2014

The Salary Survey is an important tool for Practice Managers to have a voice and to gauge whether they are getting paid the same as other PMs in similar regions and across the country.  So on the survey’s tenth birthday, we thought we’d have a look back at last year’s results, and tell you what we learned from all your responses...


New Course - Practice management for GPs

By First Practice Management / 12 August, 2014

Following the continued success of our Introduction to practice management course for practice managers, we are delighted to announce the launch of a version of the course aimed specifically at GPs and GP registrars. The full day course, which includes handouts...

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Shared Parental Leave

By Jennifer Melia / 29 July, 2014

Shared parental leave will be in be in place for employees who are due to have a baby with an expected due date of 5 April 2015, or after. This means that there will be an extended period of time after the compulsory maternity leave period of two weeks...


Clinical notes summarising in primary care

By Julia Smith / 21 July, 2014

Thornfields are proud to announce a suite of new courses that focus on aiding the development of your practice team in terms of understanding the importance of data quality, summarising, clinical coding and exception reporting. In this article, we are going to look at Thornfields new course...

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New changes to flexible working rights

By Jennifer Melia / 01 July, 2014

New changes to Flexible Working Rights came into force on 30th June 2014 which are designed to simplify the request process for both staff and managers. Employers will now have to consider applications for all staff that have worked over 26 weeks in the practice...


The Sacred Cow

By Old Geezer / 01 July, 2014

The BMA has knocked the concept of charging for a GP appointment on the head. I pay to see my NHS dentist and he delivers pain. I don’t like it, (the cost I mean) but it is a fact of life, so I accept it. If he had decent premises rather than an old terraced house with ultra-steep stairs...

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Disclosure and Barring Service checks (previously CRB checks)

By Jennifer Melia / 29 May, 2014

A key responsibility as an employer is to consider the role and responsibilities within your practice, to ensure they have the correct type of check. This will mean reviewing the level of contact that your employees will have with adults and children...


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

By Towergate MIA / 29 May, 2014

As the famous saying by Benjamin Franklin goes, by knowing what you can prevent could help you avoid unwanted hassle in the future. Towergate Insurance has taken a look at some common claims doctors have made and considered how they can be avoided...

Care Quality Commission

CQC consultation events

By Kate Hodkinson / 06 May, 2014

The CQC (Care Quality Commission) is running a number of consultation events around the country – aimed at finding out the views of interested parties regarding the changes to the inspection process in General Practice that are scheduled to commence later in 2014...


What I would tell my younger self?

By Marion Duffy / 06 May, 2014

Our local newspaper runs a regular column where it asks minor celebrities what they would now, with hindsight, tell their younger selves about the meaning of life and other big questions. It started me thinking about what I have learned during my recent three year stint as a Practice Manager...


Countdown to switch over is nearly here

By Jeffrey Krell / 29 April, 2014

It is some 4 weeks since my last article on our upgrade to EMIS WEB from EMIS PCS and only 4 weeks until our actual changeover, so I thought I would update you on progress so far. Things are going well and we are still all impatient and wish we could change over today...

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Bank Holiday FAQs

By Elspeth Buck / 08 April, 2014

With Easter around the corner and a bumper batch of bank holidays on the horizon, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you these FAQs on dealing with bank holidays. Here are some of the most popular questions proposed to us by our members regarding bank holiday leave...


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Salary: 45k+ depending on experience

Practice Manager - Bath and North East Somerset

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Salary: £43,700 p/a

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Practice Manager - Rushcliffe, South Nottinghamshire

Closing Date: 25 November 2020

Salary: 45k+ depending on experience

Practice Manager - Rushcliffe, South Nottinghamshire

Closing Date: 25 November 2020

Salary: 45k+ depending on experience

Practice Manager - Bath and North East Somerset

Closing Date: 30 November 2020

Salary: £43,700 p/a

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