What Happens When Employees Refuse to Work Christmas Overtime?

By Sam Cook / 10 December, 2018

Christmas can be a difficult time of year for staffing levels, what with increases in sickness absence, mounds of holiday requests and the odd suspicious absence. So what happens in that moment when a member of staff refuses to work Christmas overtime?

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Lessons from History in HR

By Sam Cook / 31 January, 2017

Although employment law can often seem complicated and frustrating, it’s generally the case that good practice and best fit HR approaches come down to applying our common sense. We thought we’d take a look at some famous historical quotes and see how they apply to the modern workplace.

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How is Your HR General Knowledge?

By Sam Cook / 04 January, 2017

In the ever-developing world of employment law, it sometimes feels like it is impossible to keep up to date. Check out your general HR knowledge on our fun quiz.

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Men Paid £8,504 More Than Women in Their 50s: Exposing the Gender Pay Gap

By Sam Cook / 31 October, 2016

This year's FPM Practice Manager Salary Survey explores the relationship between gender and pay for the first time and with the results set to be released very soon, this story feels particularly timely. Recent research by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) into the gender pay gap has found that by the time women reach their 50s, they are earning £8,504 per year less than men in equivalent roles.

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Don’t be Haunted by Common HR Issues this Halloween

By Sam Cook / 26 October, 2016

Over the past 20 years, Halloween has become an increasingly major event in the UK, influenced by the USA’s enthusiasm for celebrating All Hallows’ Eve. As with so many cultural phenomena, Halloween has crept into the workplace and resulted in some surprising employment law issues. Some employers may find that the skeletons in their closets can cause major financial consequences - beware… read on at your own risk!

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HMRC to Tackle GP Practices’ Use of Freelance/Self-Employed Staff

By Sam Cook / 24 October, 2016

In an announcement likely to affect thousands of GP practices, Theresa May recently promised a review of workers’ rights which has the potential to strengthen employment law. One of the key areas of focus will be the estimated half a million workers in Britain who may currently be incorrectly classified as self-employed.

HR / Employment Law

The Key to Managing an Ageing Workforce

By Sam Cook / 17 October, 2016

The abolishment of the mandatory retirement age, an ageing population and increases to the state pension age mean that, on average, the UK’s workforce is becoming older. This is presenting organisational leaders with many new challenges, leaving them managing a wider range of age groups within the workforce than ever before - each with different values, experiences, motivations and expectations from work.


Action required: Minimum Wage Increases

By Sam Cook / 03 October, 2016

As of 1st October, the minimum wage has risen (with the “National Living Wage” rising every April just to keep everyone on their toes). Here we let you know what the rates have changed to.

HR / Employment Law

Managing Requests for Study Leave: 7 Things PMs Need to Know

By Sam Cook / 13 September, 2016

September is traditionally the month when study and training programmes begin, bringing with it an influx of study leave requests. We’ve put together this set of seven useful pointers that will leave PMs equipped to deal with queries from staff on this topic.

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Managing People 2016 Survey – Regulators Failing to Improve Management Standards

By Sam Cook / 07 September, 2016

For this year’s FPM Managing People survey, we collaborated with the University of Leeds to explore the influences and priorities of people management in the world of general practice. We received a great response to the survey from primary care management staff and uncovered a wealth of interesting findings along the way.

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Mind Your Language: General Practice Staff Face New Fluency Requirements

By Sam Cook / 17 August, 2016

A recent draft code of practice issued by the Government lays out how to comply with the legislative requirement for public sector staff dealing with members of the public to speak fluent English (or Welsh in Wales), introduced as part of the Immigration Act 2016 - we ask what this means for your practice.

Main Image Care Quality Commission

Achieving the CQC’s Outstanding Rating: Well-led GP Practices

By Sam Cook / 16 August, 2016

When it comes to CQC reports, the Well-led category is an area where a lot of practices seem to be encountering problems. To find out what practices are doing to achieve ‘outstanding’ in that area, I spent some time delving into the latest inspection reports.

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NHS Trust awarded £69,484 from staff in rare employment tribunal pay out

By Sam Cook / 29 June, 2016

In an unusual outcome for an employment tribunal case, an NHS Trust has been awarded £69,484 from the claimants who brought the case against them. This surprising result demonstrates that it is not always the employer who has to pay out when claims are taken to an employment tribunal.

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Goodbye Europe: How will Brexit affect HR in General Practice?

By Sam Cook / 27 June, 2016

As Britain prepares to bid au revoir to the EU, we ask what impact the union had on giving organisations the ability to manage people, and what could happen in General Practice as a result of Brexit.

HR / Employment Law

Summer Dress Code: How relaxed is too relaxed?

By Sam Cook / 13 June, 2016

With summer approaching, many of us are already starting to see temperatures rise - and although the warmer weather is certainly welcome, it’s not just staying out in the sun for too long that can leave PMs with sore heads.

HR / Employment Law

Are your employees pulling sickies?

By Sam Cook / 31 May, 2016

Malingering or “pulling a sickie” is a common concern for organisations and can be particularly tricky to manage. Nowadays, managers can become aware that someone may not be genuinely ill via social media, with Facebook posts and pictures showing an employee is on holiday, playing football or at the pub when they should be at home recovering.

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Job Satisfaction: Why is it so important?

By Sam Cook / 31 May, 2016

This year’s FPM Practice Manager Job Satisfaction Survey launches in just two weeks, so now seems the perfect time to reflect on one of last year’s key findings - that just 58% of practice managers said they felt motivated in their role.


The next big thing in people management? Recognising and managing implicit bias

By Sam Cook / 24 May, 2016

In the modern workplace, everyone knows that stereotyping and discriminating on the grounds of race, sex, religion and the other protected characteristics set out in in the Equality Act 2010 can have serious legal implications. However, it’s the less well-understood influence of implicit bias that is currently receiving a lot of attention because of its potentially disruptive effects on organisations.

Care Quality Commission

CQC Well-Led: Is your practice a great place to work?

By Sam Cook / 05 April, 2016

The Guardian has recently published their guide of the best places to work in collaboration with the Top Employers Institute. It has long been recognised that employee satisfaction and engagement can have a significant impact on performance...

HR / Employment Law

Could you be responsible for your employees’ actions outside of work?

By Sam Cook / 14 March, 2016

Medical providers have long been aware of the words ‘vicarious liability’ due to the requirements surrounding medical indemnity insurance. A recent case, that got as high as the Supreme Court, has highlighted the importance of taking responsibility for employee’s actions and their welfare in all roles.


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