How to make the most of the 30 minute CQC presentation (vlog)

By Kate Hodkinson / 27 October, 2015

The 30 minute presentation that can be part of practices’ CQC inspections has been a popular topic of conversation and questioning at our last two CQC Roadshows. This is why First Practice Management (FPM) Group’s newest vlog focuses on the presentation.

Care Quality Commission

Second wave of new style CQC inspections

By Kate Hodkinson / 21 January, 2015

Since the new inspection process got underway in October 2014, the first wave of CQC inspections have been carried out and a new set off Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have been announced that are now braced for their visit.

Care Quality Commission

Can you spot a CQC myth from fact?

By Kate Hodkinson / 24 December, 2014

Unless your practice have already had a CQC Inspection, it is likely you will face one in 2015. So before you enter the New Year, it’s not only important to know the requirements and understand CQC guidance, but that you can also spot CQC myth from fact...

Care Quality Commission

The latest on CQC update

By Kate Hodkinson / 25 November, 2014

The first wave of CCGs and practices to be inspected under the new system is now well under way and information is beginning to emerge about the inspections and how the inspection team prepare for and carry out their visits.


Helping FPM to help you!

By Kate Hodkinson / 13 November, 2014

Preparing  for a CQC inspection visit can be a very daunting prospect for a manager and to aid the process CQC have provided some guidance about the types of information that they will ask for  before the visit giving the practice five days in which to comply...

HR / Employment Law

Employment Appeal Tribunal

By Kate Hodkinson / 05 November, 2014

Judgment 4th November 2014 – Overtime and Holiday Pay. For several years there appears to have been a conflict between UK regulations and the interpretation of the Working Time Directive regarding the calculation of holiday pay.The EU Working Time Directive (WTD) states that workers have the right to at least four weeks’ paid annual leave...


GMS Contract 2015/16

By Kate Hodkinson / 02 October, 2014

Interesting news coming from NHS Employers who have reached agreement with the GP Committee of the BMA on changes to the GMS Contract for next year. There are a mix of things which give an uncertain picture of the implications for practices...


Unrealistic Stress or Manageable Pressure?

By Kate Hodkinson / 19 August, 2014

Stress and Pressure – two words which are often used interchangeably, yet they have very different meanings and consequently need to be dealt with in different ways. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) take the lead in the UK on workplace stress...

HR / Employment Law

Working in Hot Weather

By Kate Hodkinson / 22 July, 2014

Summer is here and we are experiencing a period of warm and dry weather – which many people see as a positive yet can create problems for managers and practices to deal with. One of the most commonly raised questions on our Health and Safety Courses for Managers...

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The Ongoing CQC Consultation

By Kate Hodkinson / 24 June, 2014

I would hope that all practices are, by now, aware of the changes happening in regard to CQC regulation and inspections. The pilot projects in 12 CCG areas are now underway and inspections are beginning to take place. We will, hopefully, know some of the results of these in July...

Care Quality Commission

CQC consultation events

By Kate Hodkinson / 06 May, 2014

The CQC (Care Quality Commission) is running a number of consultation events around the country – aimed at finding out the views of interested parties regarding the changes to the inspection process in General Practice that are scheduled to commence later in 2014...

Care Quality Commission

Well - good news and bad news

By Kate Hodkinson / 18 March, 2014

The CQC has announced the first 12 areas to have the new style inspection process. On the positive side, these places will be part of a pilot programme and so, hopefully, it will be a developmental and learning process. This brings some good opportunities to influence things for the future...

Main Image Care Quality Commission

All Change for the CQC!

By Kate Hodkinson / 18 March, 2014

Thoughts of CQC have been constantly in the mind of many practice managers over the last 18 months – and even those who have successfully been through the inspection process can’t ignore it now. A consultation launched in January by CQC is aiming to clarify...


Are we asking the right question?

By Kate Hodkinson / 17 February, 2014

There is a huge amount of pressure upon practice appointments and availability which has been growing over recent years. In 2003 patients visited their practice about 4 times a year on average. Now the average in a year is about 5.3 visits...

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2014 – A New Year: A New Approach

By Kate Hodkinson / 21 January, 2014

As someone who reads quite a lot of books about management in theory and in practice, I find that it is quite rare that I read something that makes me really question what I do, how I think and the decisions I make. I often read about managers and their experiences..


2013 – A Year of Change

By Kate Hodkinson / 10 December, 2013

"The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” This quote from the British Philosopher, Alan Watts, always reminds me of some of the best ways of dealing with change, particularly when it is frustrating and seems to be overwhelming...

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First Practice Management CQC Roadshow Round Up

By Kate Hodkinson / 19 November, 2013

This has been a particularly busy year for GP Practice Managers – Changes to QOF, new enhanced services, CCGs, pension changes and all sorts of other developments. Registration with CQC and the thoughts of impending inspection visits have added to the pressure...

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Birmingham CQC Roadshow Round Up!

By Kate Hodkinson / 15 October, 2013

The Birmingham CQC Roadshow took place at the Thinktank last week. As previous events have been, this FPM CQC Roadshow proved to be an invaluable event for practice managers and the opportunity to learn what actually happens in a CQC inspection...


Care.Data – The Implications for General Practice

By Kate Hodkinson / 01 October, 2013

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIS) is the new central body providing information to commissioners and providers of care. The care.data service is a new development which aims to achieve six main objectives: Support patients choice...

Primary Care Training

Thornfields Launches Two New Courses

By Kate Hodkinson / 20 August, 2013

Practice management has changed dramatically since its inception in the 1970’s – and changed again since the creation of the GMS 2 contract in 2003. If you look back to the competence framework developed for practice management at the time...


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