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Understanding and Overcoming Primary Care’s Key Challenges

By Gerry Devine / 20 November, 2019

In the past week I’ve felt like a third member of the Proclaimers. I may not have walked 500 miles, but I’ve travelled not only 500 but also 500 more, venturing up and down the country to deliver Thornfields training and facilitation services to Primary Care teams.

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FPM Wellbeing: Putting our best foot forward

By Gerry Devine / 20 August, 2019

The are many definitions of social prescribing in primary care, but the one that resonates most with me is enabling individuals to take personal responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. Recently I asked myself - how can we apply that to ourselves?

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Getting to grips with medical terminology: A guide for Practice Managers

By Gerry Devine / 18 June, 2019

It’s important for operational managers to have a solid understanding of the many different aspects of their workplace. With that in mind, here’s a brief guide to medical terminology that will be of help to many practice managers.

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What is Correspondence Management and How Can it Benefit Your Practice?

By Gerry Devine / 29 April, 2019

We’ve spoken a lot about Correspondence Management recently in relation to the NHS GP Forward View, so we thought we’d delve a little deeper into what it is and how it can benefit your practice.

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Does eating baked beans make you better at doing your job?

By Gerry Devine / 23 January, 2019

According to research, British people eat three times as many baked beans as anybody else in Europe and drink 165 million cups of tea every day. How well do you fit that national profile, and more importantly, how does the CQC fit into all of this?


Interview: How My Practice Achieved 100% Patient Satisfaction

By Gerry Devine / 09 October, 2018

“It’s nice to be important - but it’s important to be nice…” This sentiment could sum up the approach of Tracey Binns, Practice Manager of Grove Road Surgery in Wallasey on the Wirral, whose surgery placed in the top 1% of last year’s GP Patient Survey in terms of patients’ overall experience.

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Improving Your Personal Resilience (Vlog)

By Gerry Devine / 06 August, 2018

This video is a little different to the others we’ve produced - we usually focus on giving practice managers advice on helping you improve your staff, your management skills or your CQC knowledge. However, this time we want to focus on you.

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The Essential Five-Minute Guide to GDPR (Vlog)

By Gerry Devine / 30 May, 2018

It’s not just for the 25th – GDPR is for life. The biggest change to data protection law for decades may not be the best gift we’ve ever received, but it’s been emphasised that it’s an evolution rather than a revolution. Here are five important things to know about GDPR!

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World Mental Health Day: A Recipe for Wellbeing

By Gerry Devine / 10 October, 2017

It can be all too easy for all of us to lose some perspective and forget to take care of our mental health. However taking the time to do just that is not only good for our wellbeing, it’s also important for the sustained delivery of the jobs we do.


The Next Big Idea for Recruiting the Right Person for Your Practice

By Gerry Devine / 22 March, 2017

Ever heard of Fruit Astrology? No? Neither had we until Gerry informed us of the work of Professor Max Jaffa, who believes a person’s fruit of choice says a lot about them and their personality traits.


Medicines Management Tips & Preparing for your CQC Inspection (Vlog)

By Gerry Devine / 29 June, 2016

We’re back with another vlog, this time on medicines management with Gerry Devine, one of our practice management advisors. In this video Gerry discusses everything from controlled drugs and hospital discharge letters to clinical audits and medicines safety alerts - and how best to manage it all.

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How can you measure employees’ performances? (Vlog)

By Gerry Devine / 26 April, 2016

April’s theme for First Practice Management (FPM) Group is feedback so we've filmed a useful vlog on the topic to help practice managers. Our practice manager advisor, Gerry Devine talks through getting the optimum contribution from each individual of your team.

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Publishing GP earnings: What do you need to know?

By Gerry Devine / 29 March, 2016

By April 2016 practices will be required to publish the average earnings for their GP partners and salaried GPs on their website. In a bid to dispel rumours that GP’s are being paid more than they actually are, the mean figure will act as an ‘interim solution’ before individual net earnings are published 2016/17.

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How to juggle your priorities and make sure your practice is well-led (vlog)

By Gerry Devine / 12 January, 2016

Gerry Devine is back with the first vlog of 2016 from First Practice Management (FPM) Group. In this vlog he discusses juggling priorities and leading your practice. In this short clip, you will see Gerry talk about prioritising your workload...

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How can you harness pressure for good and become a ‘diamond’ in the practice?

By Gerry Devine / 07 December, 2015

It is clear that the pace of change in primary care is more likely to increase rather than decrease; and that the financial envelope will at best stay the same, although it is more likely to shrink. With all these ingredients the likelihood is that the environment within a practice is likely to become more pressured into the future.

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How can you be an 'Outstanding' practice? (vlog)

By Gerry Devine / 24 November, 2015

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has been covered in the news heavily recently, particularly regarding the increase in fees for general practices. We decided to focus on the positives of CQC and how to help you be an Outstanding practice in the latest in our vlogging series.

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CQC Roadshow: Meet the Team

By Gerry Devine / 09 June, 2015

There’s just one week left until First Practice Management (FPM) Group’s first CQC Roadshow of the year in Leeds. A few weeks ago we decided to get to know some of the presenters appearing at the free event, which provides guidance on the new style practice inspections...

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Employment Tribunals: How does the claims process work?

By Gerry Devine / 14 April, 2015

I recently attended a mock Employment Tribunal to see how they work and found it quite a sobering experience. The seemingly organic management processes of an employer were methodically unpicked in public view, exposing non-adherence to procedure.

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Understanding changes to the NHS Pension Fund

By Gerry Devine / 24 March, 2015

Changes are being introduced to the NHS Pension fund next week, and whilst Practice Managers are not licensed financial advisors (though your job description seems to include ‘being an expert in everything’), you are likely to face questions about the changes...

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The 5 step approach to risk assessment

By Gerry Devine / 17 March, 2015

Madonna recently had a high profile works accident - one which might prompt us all to consider how employers evidence their duty of care to keep employees safe. If all accidents aren't preventable, how do we evidence that we have minimised risk...


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