Who's on Santa's Naughty and Nice Lists for 2021?

He knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness’ sake!

With just a few days left until Santa Claus makes his annual round of gift deliveries, the names on his ‘naughty’ and ‘nice’ lists are still being finalised.

We asked 2021's Anonymous Bloggers for their opinions and a tongue-in-cheek look at who might have made it onto each of Santa’s lists, and the presents they might be hoping to find in their stocking…

NHS workers

Top of the list are the millions of hardworking staff in the health and social care sector who have kept us all safe despite the huge challenges they have faced.

"Despite having to cope with increasingly irate and aggressive patients, and the latest shenanigans dreamed up by Boris and Sajid, they have remained caring and professional throughout".

As well as some health and good cheer, they’ll be looking for fairer pay, better recognition, and more support in 2022.

Gift this year: a proper pay rise and a year’s supply of the correct PPE equipment.

Practice Managers

The unsung heroes of general practice, the managers are invariably underappreciated and overworked.

"When something goes wrong, the buck usually stops with the manager, so for all their efforts and dedication, we hope a place on Santa’s nice list goes some way towards saying a huge thank you".

Gift this year: A fully functioning IT system, and a magic wand to solve the 99 other daily problems they face.


"It’s always been a hard job, thankless at times, but during the pandemic, it got much harder". Receptionists are usually the first point of contact for angry, upset or worried patients.

"Trying to work out where best to send the patient, whilst remaining calm and professional, has never been more difficult."

Gift this year: the gift of kindness, from all patients, remembering that reception staff are only human, and they deserve to be treated with respect.


Anyone with this job needs something to help numb the pain, so Amanda Pritchard makes it onto Santa’s nice list. How long she’ll stay there is another matter, but for now we wish the new CEO well!

Gift this year: Large bottle of wine, and a crystal ball to give her a head start on 2022.

FPM Associates

Our FPM Associates do fantastic work throughout the year, delivering training sessions, helping to develop new ones, consulting on recruitment for practices, and reviewing our policy library documents.

Gift this year: The superpower to make all remote trainees pay attention and answer every question they’re asked without prompting.

All those who filled in the 2021 FPM Salary Survey

Huge thanks go to all those who have filled in this year’s survey. Your answers will be used to produce insights into average salaries, the gender pay gap, trends and other interesting data. By taking part in this year's survey you will be entered into a Prize Draw to win the All-new Amazon Echo with Alexa 4th Generation smart speaker. Click here to access the link to the salary survey.

Gift this year: Valuable insight into your and your colleagues’ pay – and our thanks for taking part!

Health Secretary

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that top of the list of those who can (and should) have done better this year comes the health secretary. Whether it was announcing the winter ‘rescue’ package which went down like a lead balloon amongst NHS staff, or the rumours of him profiting from his links to private health firms, ‘the Saj’ has attracted his fair share of criticism.

"One brief flash of honesty—when he admitted the government is likely to break its promise of recruiting 6,000 extra GPs by 2025—is sadly not enough to remove him from Santa’s naughty list this year."

Gift this year: a lump of coal.

Prime Minister

"Sadly", wrote one of our bloggers, "space doesn’t permit me to list all the misdemeanours, gaffes, oversights and good old-fashioned failures of leadership that our prime minister has been guilty of this year".

More recent humdingers include not wearing a mask on recent hospital visits, reportedly saying he’d rather ‘see the bodies pile high’ before introducing further Covid restrictions, and as one secret diarist put it, "representing our proud nation on the global stage looking a bit like a fly-tipped mattress".

Gift this year: The sourest of tangerines.

Aggressive patients

"Everyone is worried about themselves and their family and wants the best for them, but sadly some patients have used this as an excuse to be aggressive, rude and make things unsafe for staff and other patients. This is one trend we hope to see the back of in 2022".

Gift this year: a visit from the ghost of Christmas future (to show them how bad things will get if they don’t start behaving responsibly)

The Daily Mail

For services to the destruction of trust and confidence in GPs, the Daily Fail ‘newspaper’ wins again, finding themselves on the naughty list for their nonsensical campaign to ‘start’ face-to-face appointments again when they never stopped.

Gift this year: a visit from the Press Complaints Commission.

For now though, let’s enjoy those chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost giving your nose a wide berth, Yuletide carols being sung by a socially-distanced choir, and folks masked up like Eskimos. And, though it’s been said many, times many ways – Merry Christmas to you, from all at FPM Group.


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