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Thornfields Covid and Life Support Workshops

Doing your best and planning for the worst…

Here at Thornfields, we are full of admiration for all our Primary Care leader colleagues and those presently dealing with what is a “once in a generation” public health crisis. But in addition to giving a virtual round of applause, we want to be able to offer some practical help and advice.

Having spoken to a number of Practice Leaders about their concerns for the anticipated pressures on service delivery, we have identified the following as being some key considerations for leading a team during COVID 19 and delivering a safe and effective vaccination programme.

Patient Safety

Any need for speed, in terms of vaccinations, must not compromise patient safety, so a key practical consideration is the requirements for all vaccinators to have received Basic Life Support (BLS) training in the past 12 months as mentioned in the UK Government’s Training Recommendations for Covid-19 Vaccinators, which also states that “face-to-face” life support training is particularly valuable for new vaccinators, as it enables them to gain peer support through meeting other new vaccinators”

Updated guidance from the Care Quality Commission states that “online training may be considered acceptable”. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each vaccinating organisation to make a documented risk assessment on their BLS training needs to evidence the competence of their vaccinators and safeguard their patients.

To help, organisations meet any identified BLS needs, Thornfields have now developed a covid secure BLS Workshop which can be delivered face-to-face, and a newly-developed Basic Life Support Awareness workshop for those who need a refresher before returning to practice.

Resource Planning

How do you continue to deliver success through people during a global Pandemic?

This is a concern expressed by many Practice leaders, as there is no instruction manual for the pace and scale of current events for even the most experienced practitioners.

To quote Stephen Covey (author of “7 habits of highly effective people”);

If the overall objective is safely delivering a high-quality service then asking yourself the following questions may be a good source of reflection to enable, if possible, practical learning from experience;

  1. Have you risk-assessed all activities in light of present working conditions – taking all practical mitigating actions, where possible?
  2. Have you ensured practical operational compliance with all CQC requirements with supporting evidence, where possible?
  3. How do you keep current in terms of the most up to date information and guidance?
  4. How do you help your team “see the wood for the trees” in terms of the information they need to know?
  5. How do you ensure your approach to staff well-being is fit for purpose at this time and has visibility within your operation?
  6. How are you networking with other professionals to ensure you are not investing your efforts in “re-inventing any wheels” and missing any opportunities to reflect and learn from the collective experience of others?

To support practice staff to help distill the development potential from the above into an online learning opportunity, we have recently developed our Leading your team during Covid-19 workshop

Our hope is this article offers some practical help or at least some “food for thought” – but either way if you think we can help you do what you are doing, even better, then please get in touch.

Be prepared, confident, and clear on your training needs for you and your practice by signing up for Thornfields’ range of courses.




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Closing Date: 12 March 2021

Salary: Depending on experience, which will include NHS Pension and access to the Practice’s Health Insurance Scheme. Further details will be provided on appointment.

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Salary: Competitive salary including NHS pension

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Closing Date: 1 March 2021

Salary: £40,000 - £45,000 p/a

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