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FPM Wellbeing – Five steps to great health and success

Summer is officially coming to an end this Sunday as the clocks are going back to Greenwich Mean Time. We hope you got involved with our FPM Wellbeing ideas for primary care managers, whether it was organising a coffee morning, thinking about social prescribing or getting your team together to enjoy a park run!

Over the past few months, FPM has tried to pin down the meaning of wellbeing and spread a sense of community for practice managers and GP practice teams. We asked PMs to share their tips for mindfulness and wellbeing, which you can find below alongside five top tips for boosting your wellbeing.


 1. Learn something new

“I walk home from work - it's a 40-minute walk and I try and listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks. This helps me to file the day's work activities away in my brain.”

Personal development never stops – it’s great to step out of our comfort zones and try something new. That could mean deciding to sign up for a new training course, or just starting a new book or podcast about a topic you’re interested in.

Learning is known to boost our self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as help build our sense of purpose, and gives us more opportunities to connect with others. We’d love to hear your podcast recommendations in the comments section!


2. Spending time in the garden 

“My biggest hobby is gardening; it helps your body physically and mentally. There is something about nurturing seeds into plants that helps me put perspective on my stresses and unwind.”

There are few activities more satisfying than getting out in the garden, tackling any weeds that have sprung up and keeping your flower beds in order. Some of us even have some fresh vegetables growing!

The Royal Horticultural Society has described gardening as ‘a source of relaxation, comfort and enjoyment for millions of people around the UK’, which can be hugely beneficial to our wellbeing and mental health. Getting out in the fresh air is a bonus!


 3. Write something down  

“I guess my way of handling stress is to take myself away from the problem, think about it (sometimes write it down) then revisit it with a calmer approach, and hopefully a solution.”

When it seems like you have a hundred thoughts and worries whirling around your head, it can often help to grab a pen and paper to write things down. Using bright colours is even better!

When you see your concerns down on paper, it can sometimes do wonders to help us put things in perspective. Keeping a journal can also be therapeutic and help you process your thoughts and the day’s events, preventing them from cluttering up your mind and bringing you down.


 4. Focus on your surroundings 

“I have a very calm household and at least two dogs at any time from the Dogs Trust. Furry friends have a wonderful calming influence and give an excuse to go for a walk. I also love cooking and do 20 minutes of yoga four or five times a week.”

With one in four of us likely to experience a mental health problem, it’s never been more important to ensure mental wellbeing is protected and promoted at home and in the workplace.

Mindfulness is one of the key tools we can use to boost our mental wellbeing, and it comes from understanding the importance of taking stock of your feelings and surroundings. Did you know FPM members can download a Mental Health in the Workplace document from our dedicated Toolkit section?


 5. Enjoy more exercise 

“I walk to work - this helps me to think about what I'm going to do, plan the tasks to undertake and get my head into professional mode”

If getting up early on a Sunday morning for a park run isn’t quite your cup of tea, there are plenty of other ways to boost your wellbeing through exercise. The NHS advises us to find physical activities we enjoy and think about how to fit more of them into our daily lives.

Physical activity like taking your dog for a walk helps to maintain and improve a sense of wellbeing in a number of ways. Scientists have said that being active can improve wellbeing by bringing about a sense of greater self-esteem, self-control, and the ability to be more resilient.

Are you keen to take those first steps to boost your own wellbeing and get your hands on a fantastic T-shirt for your exercise routine? Head on our brand new FPM Connect group, exclusively for FPM members, and tell us how you take care of your own wellbeing.

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