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FPM Staff Salary Survey 2019 – Practice managers ‘can’t afford to pay staff fairly’

The results for First Practice Management's Staff Salary Survey are here, revealing that 56% of GP practice managers feel that their budget doesn’t allow them to pay their staff fairly.

A common issue shared by PMs was that reception staff are underpaid for the level of work they do, especially as their roles are becoming increasingly complex. Budgets becoming  tighter due to a lack of funding for general practice was another common complaint, as was how stressful many roles in primary care can be.

For managers who felt they were able to pay their staff fairly, some described how they use the FPM Staff Salary Survey to gauge how well their staff are paid compared to other practices. Another manager commented that the amount of private work the practice undertakes has helped them improve staff salaries.

Here is some more key information from this year’s Staff Salary Survey:



We would like to thank all of the practice managers who contributed to the survey - the results will help you gauge a suitable rate of pay for your staff based on the average rates paid by GP practices elsewhere.

If you would like to download the full version of the infographics click here and here.

FPM members can view the full results from this year’s Staff Salary Survey in the website's Knowledge Base.

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