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A Job Description For A Perfect Practice Manager

What’s the definition of a GP practice manager? We have put together a sample job description that sums up the skills and experience needed to be a PM, along with our top tips for making the most of these key strengths.

At FPM we understand general practice and the roles and responsibilities of primary care managers - we have overseen the appointment of hundreds of managers across the UK and we always have a wide range of primary care management roles and vacancies available right here

Here are the key skills that will most benefit a practice manager in 2020:


Job Description for a GP Practice Manager


“The candidate must have strategic vision…” You will possess excellent foresight, be skilled at planning ahead and have the necessary know-how to make the business more money.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC), the regulatory body for healthcare in England, rates GP practices on whether they have a clear vision and strategy in place to deliver high-quality care and promote good outcomes for patients.

“Organisational skills are a necessity…”
You’ll make sure the business ticks along from open to close with minimal issues - annual leave’s accounted for, the staff rota’s covered, and patients’ issues are handled in a timely fashion.

Setting realistic targets, keeping up to date with your to-do list and maintaining a clear-desk policy are all useful tips for keeping track of what needs to get done. Take a look at our list of five quick tips to improve your organisational skills to learn more!

“Do you have strong leadership skills? …”
When there’s a HR-related incident, maybe dealing with a difficult employee , you’ll have the ability to handle the matter and resolve it appropriately. You’ll also be able to handle not always being the most popular person in the practice.

Managers face a range of challenges on a daily basis that help them build their leadership and coaching skills. Thornfields trainer Charan Sarai believes that these strengths do not mean we can ignore kindness however – learn more about her approach here.

“Effective communication skills are essential…”
Demonstrating effective communication skills at all levels is a must. If what we’re trying to say has not been understood by our audience, all we have achieved is making a noise.

Communication is the backbone of a happy and successful team and requires a lot of nurturing. Just because you feel like you’ve reached a great understanding with your team, don't assume that it’s unshakeable - if no work goes into maintaining it, that sense of harmony can quickly decline.

“Good understanding of the NHS (preferable)…”
- Practice managers are truly generalist operational managers. It’s important to build up an understanding of the many different aspects of the NHS and your practice in order to add value to the business.

You will have the vision, willingness and drive to adapt to constant changes within the NHS – it’s easy to get to grips with the basics, but it takes time and effort to stay up to date. One top tip is to stay abreast of any NHS funding opportunities that your practice can take advantage of.

First Practice Management offers a first-class recruitment service to help practices appoint the best candidate for key role of practice manager, with recruitment consultants based across the UK.

First Practice Management Recruitment Services take care of the recruitment process end to end. We assess the role, promote the vacancy, assist in candidate selection, support interview days and manage all communications with candidates to relieve additional workload on the GP practice.

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Closing Date: 24 August 2020

Salary: Dependant on skills and experience

Business Manager - Nottingham

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Business Manager - Nottingham

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Salary: £50,000-£65,000 p/a depending on experience

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