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5 horrifying leadership issues to avoid this Halloween

It’s that time of year again! As October is the spookiest season of the year and Halloween is approaching, we want to share five horrifying leadership issues every practice manager should avoid this year.

Before we start, here are three fun facts for Halloween:

  • Many people think of Halloween as an American tradition, but it was brought to the US by Irish and Scottish immigrants during the late 18th century
  • Originally trick-or treaters received mostly fruits and nuts not candy
  • More than twice as much chocolate is sold for Halloween as for Valentine’s Day.


1. Don’t Create a Web of Confusion – The clocks going back often results in a state of confusion for many of us, and some staff probably showed up an hour earlier in the practice on Monday morning! Put your organisation skills into action by managing your time wisely. A handy to-do list always makes your life clearer and helps you stay organised.

2. Managing a Monstrous Workload – There’s nothing more frightful than not having enough space for a hot mug of tea on your desk! If the monster lurking in your office is a pile of paperwork that you’re finding it hard to conquer, delegating could solve that problem for you. It shows staff that you trust them to do a good job, and can balance your schedule.

3. Not Rewarding Your Staff – We’re all familiar with trick or treat, and it’s important to balance your feedback as a manager. No-one wants to hear only negativity from their boss. However, if you only give out good feedback and aren’t constructive with feedback, it becomes harder for staff to improve because they don’t realise the areas where they are weaker.

4. Don’t Wear a Mask
– Keeping your staff motivated by creating a positive environment is very important when it comes to leadership - open and honest communication can have a huge impact on employee trust and ultimately employee engagement. As a manager you don’t want to hide behind a mask when it comes to communication, so encourage an open-door policy where your staff can openly talk about an issue or concern.

5. Not Believing in Yourself – You Can Do Magic – We know that every practice manager is humming around like a busy bee, taking responsibility for keeping the practice running smoothly. The question is, how can you manage to do everything? Being a PM requires a magic wand to deal with difficult situations and solve any problem that may arise within the practice – along with hard work, resilience and - of course - the help of FPM.    


If you found these bewitchingly good tips useful, you might be interested in Thornfields training course Leading People in Primary Care. It has all the essential ingredients for exceptional management - a perfect recipe to leave you and your GP practice team in high spirits!


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