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Provision of information

In the HR guidance section of the site we cannot cover every topic in minute depth, and the information we provide gives general guidance and should not be regarded as a complete or authoritative statement of the law, which can only be given by the courts. Nor can it cover every situation that may occur - practices will need to take a view on how legislation affects their particular circumstances based on their own research. Answers to HR related issues are based on our best interpretation but we cannot accept any liability for actions taken, or not taken, on the basis of information in the HR guidance section of the site or in our responses to helpline questions. Use of the website and the information facilities are on this basis. Practices are always recommended to consult their legal advisors and / or the insurer who provides their personnel / staff dispute indemnity cover as it is usually a condition of continued cover that they are consulted in the first instance. 

Training DVDs:

Training DVDs purchased for single Practice use must not be used outside the purchasing Practice. The DVDs provide advice and training in a variety of business topics. The advice is general in nature, and we cannot accept any liability for actions taken, or not taken, on the basis of information provided in the DVDs.

Defective DVDs - you must notify us within 10 working days of the delivery date of a defective DVD, and promptly return it to us. We will replace it on a like-for-like basis.

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The annual subscription to this website entitles anyone at your practice to unlimited access to the members section of our website for 12 months. You are not permitted to disclose your login details (usernumber / username or password) to anyone outside your practice. By submitting a subscription application you agree to pay the annual subscription, regardless of how much or how little you use the website. Invoices for annual subscriptions to this website are due within 28 days of invoice date; we reserve the right to suspend access to the website if an invoice is outstanding beyond 28 days, or if we have reason to believe you have disclosed your login details (usernumber / username or password) to anyone outside your practice.

Payment for Training DVDs is due within 28 days of invoice date.


We do not give refunds for cancelled new FPM member subscriptions or for cancelled bookings for workshops or seminars.

Training DVDs - we will only provide a refund for a DVD which is returned unopened in the original packaging within 10 days of receipt.

First Practice Management member subscription auto-renewal policy

Automatic renewal

Subscriptions are for a pre-paid 12-month subscription term. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription term for another 12-month term. You agree that we may automatically renew your subscription and charge your account or issue an invoice on the one year anniversary of your last subscription date (the “Renewal Date”), unless you cancel your subscription before the Renewal Date. We will automatically renew your subscription each year on the Renewal Date until you cancel your subscription or First Practice Management no longer offers the subscription service.

Notice of automatic renewal

You will receive an email notice / invoice approximately 14 days prior to the Renewal Date. The notice will let you know that your current subscription term is about to end and the Renewal Date when your subscription will be renewed and your account charged or your invoice due. All communications regarding your subscription will be sent to your last email of record. To cancel your subscription without your account being charged for the next term, you must do so before the Renewal Date. Please keep a record of when your subscription term ends and the next Renewal Date. You are responsible for timely canceling your subscription regardless of whether you receive any notice from us.

Payment and price

The renewal payment is due on the Renewal Date and will automatically be charged or an invoice issued to the same billing account that you used for the original subscription or the most recent renewal. Please notify First Practice Management before the Renewal Date of any changes to your email, account or billing information. The renewal price will be shown on the email notice / invoice issued. You will also receive a notice if there are any changes to the subscription service terms.


We will refund your renewal payment or credit the invoice raised provided that you cancel your subscription during the 14 day period following the email notice / invoice. After the end of the applicable 14 day refund period, your 12-month subscription payment is non-refundable.

How to cancel automatic renewal

You must contact First Practice Management to cancel your subscription. If you cancel within 14 days of the email notice / invoice, your cancellation will be effective immediately. Otherwise, your cancellation will be effective at the end of the then-current 12-month subscription term for which you have already paid or have been invoiced.

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