Practice Staff Pay and Ratios Survey

Our survey of staff pay rates took place in March 2016

The summary tables show the hourly rates of pay for different job types.

In the tables the responses from individual practices are shown. The vertical axis shows the hourly rate, and the horizontal axis the number of practices contributing to that graph.

In many cases the “lows and highs” may include values which may be regarded as extremes, and we have therefore delineated a “normal” range of pay within the red lines on each graph, and have delineated the graphs with red “boundary” lines to highlight a normal market rate for that particular role. Note, however, that the average salary reported for each job type does include these amounts. 37 hours is assumed as the normal working week when calculating annual figures. The survey was UK-wide.

Staffing ratios - have a look at typical FTE administration and nursing staffing ratios / 1000 patient list size.

A big thank you to all practices responding to the survey.

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